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Apr 21, 2018
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Department of Physical Education, Athletics and Recreation: Hall of Fame

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1987 Field Hockey Team

The 1987 Field Hockey Team was the first team in the history of BH-BL Athletics, and the first time in the history of Section 2 Class A athletics, for a team to be named New York State Champion. Coach Dawn O’Neil’s field hockey team topped off their 13-0-1 season by defeating the defending state champions, Centereach, in a 3-0 shut-out. Despite the dropping temperatures, negative wind-chill and snow, they played what Dawn O’Neil described as a “perfect game.”

Team Players: Amy Crowshaw, Beth Crowshaw, Liona DeLuke, Sue Eckert, Sue Kopchick, Doreen Nelson, Jill Nunes, Vikki Parker, Anne Flynn, Kate Flynn, Ellen Harris, Laura Hayes, Debbie Puckette, Lisa Richardson, Erin Smith, Katie Sommers, Maureen Jeram, Jill Jordan, Kathy Keating, Kris Koehne, Kelly Vrooman, Betsy Walters, Beth Welch