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Jun 19, 2018
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Department of Physical Education, Athletics and Recreation: Hall of Fame

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Pete and Mary Jo Farrell

Community members

Pete and Mary Jo Farrell first became active in Burnt Hills-Ballston Lake sports in the Lakehill Soccer Club. Three of their four kids played for Lakehill, and they coached, fund-raised, and Pete ultimately became Vice President for Coaches.

In 1998, Pete and Paul Sander approached Athletic Director Bob McGuire about starting a Boys volleyball team to compete in the Suburban Council. The team started as a club JV team, and was self-funded. Bob was able to provide major help with coaching fees and bus rides. Fund raisers were organized to buy uniforms, and pay the coach. The first year had some challenges, but the boys had a great time and wanted to keep playing. The team continued as a self-funded club for three years, then Bob included the team in the sports budget and was approved. Pete was the treasurer for that organization until the school made Boys Volleyball an official school sport, and then continued as the booster club treasurer for both the boys and the girls volleyball clubs for the next eight years.

 Two of Mary Jo and Pete's kids were members of great teams for Burnt Hills that did not win state championships, but two others were members of State Championship Teams, one for the boys and two for the girls. One of Pete's favorite activities for all of his kids volleyball teams was leading the "Bricka Bracka" cheer. The crowds learned it and helped cheer along, and it always seemed to lifts the team's spirits, and brought fear into the hearts of their opponents!

Really, Pete and Mary Jo just did what all the parents of Burnt Hills athletes do when given the opportunity. Many thanks to Gary Bynon, Paul Sander and Bob McGuire for creating the opportunities.