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Jun 19, 2018
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Department of Physical Education, Athletics and Recreation: Hall of Fame

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William Egan

Class of 1933, Basketball, Baseball & Track

William Egan played basketball from 1929 until 1933, guiding his team to a win in the local championship game his senior year. He loved sports, playing basketball for four seasons under coach Frank Stevens, baseball for four years, and track for one season as a senior. One of Bill’s main influences on his early life was Father Daniel Hogan of Our Lady of Grace Church, who taught boys in the area how to defend themselves through his boxing camps. Father Hogan taught him the traits of character, honesty, perseverance and kinship to his fellow teammates which he carried with him throughout his life.

After graduation, Bill went on to Ithaca College to study physical education. He became the youngest player ever chosen for the varsity baseball team, playing under his coach, Bucky Freeman, who was inducted to the American College Coach Athletic Hall of Fame. While at Ithaca, Bill played with Eddie Sawyer, who went on to play for the Yankees and is in the Baseball Hall of Fame. He also played with others who went on to play for major league teams, including Carlton Wood, Frank Clark, Charles Andrews and Gideon Hawley. The Great Depression necessitated him leaving college before graduating. During World War II, he entered the army in 1944. Bill served on Adak the Alentian Island of Alaska.

Upon his Honorable Discharge and receipt of the Good Conduct medal, Bill continued serving his country in a variety of ways at the local level. Bill entered politics, and was elected Town Assessor, Democratic Party Chairman for the Town of Ballston, and was President of the Ballston Lake Volunteer Fire Department. He also started a business, the William W. Egan Real Estate and ran it up to a week before his death.

Bill married Mary Joan Koonz, the BH-BL Librarian, and had four daughters who were all BH-BL graduates. He passed away December, 2001, at the age of 87.