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Mar 24, 2018
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Rules & Policies

The BH-BL School Library Media Centers provide opportunities for students and staff to effectively use information and ideas for learning, personal growth and social responsibility.

Students visit the library to do far more than pick out books. There is also a detailed instructional plan and curriculum delivered by our library media specialists. Students learn how to use a library effectively, how to find all types of information whether print or digital, and how to understand and appreciate literature. The library curriculum for grades K-12 is also designed to give children skills that support specific needs and goals identified in the New York State Learning Standards.


Circulation Policies

Students in grades K-2 are allowed to borrow one book at a time. We regret that it was necessary to reduce this number from the limit in previous years. We hope that when our elementary library clerk positions are reinstated, we will be able to allow students to check out more books.

The librarian now handles book check-out following the lesson or story, and this limits her ability to provide assistance to students with their selections. Our parent volunteers are very gracious and devote many hours of their time weekly so the younger students are able to find materials of interest to them.

Students in grades 3-5 may borrow two books at a time.

The loan period for all items is one week. We give verbal reminders for items overdue one or two weeks and older students may continue to borrow up to their limit. Printed reminders are given for items long overdue and student borrowing is suspended until the book is returned, renewed or paid for. 

We do not charge late fees. An item may be renewed unless another student is waiting for it.

Students are expected to care for and protect library materials from loss or damage due to water, food, pets, siblings, etc. Families will be held responsible for replacing library materials lost or damaged beyond repair with the same or a comparable item. A student will not be held responsible for an item already in poor condition when borrowed, though we appreciate it when this is pointed out to us so we can get it replaced.

Respect Others

  • Enter and exit the library in a polite and orderly manner.
  • Listen quietly to stories, lessons, and directions.
  • Push in chairs and put away work materials when finished. 
  • Speak softly in the library when others are working. 
  • Keep hands, feet, and objects to yourself. 
  • Be polite to staff, volunteers, and other students.
  • Help others if you are able.


Respect Library Property

  • Keep materials clean and dry.
  • Keep materials in a safe place, away from pets or small children.
  • Do not write, color on, or fold corners of pages.
  • Return books on time.
  • Take care of library computers, furnishings and equipment.

Library Media Center

Susan Tomlinson, LMS

Charlton Heights Elem.School

170 Stage Road

Ballston Lake, NY 12019

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