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Apr 24, 2018
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October 29, 2013
Halloween Parade Safety Procedures

To maximize the safety for all participants and guests, there are strict guidelines which must be followed.

Student Costumes

Students should wear their costumes to school over their regular clothing. After the parade, the children will need to remove their costumes independently in the classroom. Please send a bag to school so your child can put his/her costume in it after the parade is done. No make-up, hair dye, glitter, or masks are allowed. No costume should have ANY type of weapon or facsimile associated with it. Simplicity is the key. Costumes should be age-
appropriate so as not to scare any of the other children. If you have a question about the appropriateness of a costume, we will probably share your concerns.

Parent Volunteers

Teachers will select parents to assist them in the classroom. These parents should sign in at the Main Office and follow the arrangements they have made with their children’s teachers. Only those parents who are helping a teacher with a party will be permitted in the building. Your name will need to be on the list given to the Main Office by the teacher.

Parade Spectators

Spectators can report directly to the back field and do not have to sign in at the Main Office. It is asked that spectators stay behind the cones that will be set up for the students as they parade. Additional staff will be on-hand to help ensure the parade runs smoothly and to help with any questions. Spectators are asked not to arrive before 8:45 a.m. to ensure a smooth traffic flow for our buses. This is a celebration for our staff and students, so it is asked that there be no adult spectator costumes


Please allow your child to ride the bus both to and from school. Monitoring and fulfilling the volume of pick up requests creates an overwhelming challenge for us from a safety standpoint. As always, we recognize and respect that some families prefer not to have their child participate in Halloween activities. We will provide alternate activities for those students. Please notify your child’s teacher if you do not wish to have your child partake in these activities.

Thank you for your anticipated cooperation, understanding, and support. Please contact your child’s classroom teacher with any questions you may have.