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Jun 19, 2018
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November 21, 2013
Anti-bullying assembly yields "leaps" of support

Youth motivational speaker educates and astonishes Charlton Heights students

It was no ordinary morning for students at Charlton Heights Elementary Schools. Instead of morning work and specials, students were wowed and inspired by a Gold Standard of Youth Motivational Speaker Chris Poulos--who also happens to be a 1991 Bicycle Stunt World Champion.

Poulos mixed incredible bicycle stunts with an inspiring anti-bullying presentation in an effort to teach students how to live a life where you can reach your dreams through hard work, respect, kindness, friendships and being true to yourself, being responsible and reliable and, most of all, believing in yourself.

One of Poulos' stunts was to jump his bicycle over teachers Chris Deso and Andy Haluska and Principal Sinnenberg. Check out a clip of that stunt: