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Jun 19, 2018
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PTA Volunteer Opportunities

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Program Overviews

We would like to make everyone aware of the many programs our school has to offer. Please take the time to read each program description and consider supporting a program by sharing your interests, talents and availability.

Each program is organized into a folder that is shared at the start of a newschool year. Each folder contains a list of volunteers, an allotted budget for the program and any pertinent information that reflects the program, such as a calendar timeline, contact lists qne resource documents (tax exempt sheets, check reimbursement forms, end of the
year reports and example references such as letterhead and permission slips).

After School Enrichment Clubs

This program helps to provide enrichment opportunities to students in grades Kindergarten to fifth grade. The program chair and co-chair are responsible for organizing after school clubs that will be conducted for 4 weeks (on Fridays) in Jan/February. Volunteers are needed to teach and/or assist the classes that are offered.

Arts and Education

This program is an important one at Charlton Heights as it brings various programs and activities to all grade levels from outside sources. Programs may enhance school curriculum or character building, or may provide further explanation of a specialty area. Programs may be presented to one grade level or to the entire student body. The program chair and co- chair reserve/schedule the incoming programs to coordinate with our school year calendar.

Book Fair

The Scholastic Book Fair is held in October and a Buy One, Get One Free Book Fair is held in the early spring. The program chair and co-chair organize and secure volunteers to help assist children with book selections and sales.

CHESS (Charlton Heights Elementary School Student Publishing)

The program provides an opportunity for students to publish their own original stories. Stories can be submitted from school or home. The program chair and co- chair organize and secure volunteers that assist with typing and binding which may be done at your convenience.

Computer Workshop

Volunteers are needed to assist in the Computer Lab during school hours. A Chairperson coordinates a list of volunteers to be rotated throughout the school year.

Children’s Garden

The students of Charlton Heights participate in gardening workshops during the year. In the spring, the children plant vegetables, flowers and herbs. Autumn is the time they harvest and enjoy goodies made from their crops. The chair and co-chair organize a schedule for all classrooms to participate, and secure volunteers to assist in the planting/harvesting projects, as well as cook/bake for the harvest feast in the fall.

Curiosity Shop

This is an after-school program. Children can choose an area of enrichment that they would like to explore, such as recreation activities, arts and crafts, science, or cooking. The one-hour class provides students with an exposure to an area of interest and enrichment.


This program is offered to the fifth grade students and is based on an anti-drug campaign. A Saratoga County Deputy instructs the program. The program chair and co-chair should beparent (s) of a fifth-grade student and are responsible for organizing the DARE graduation/celebration event at the end of the school year.

Family Programs (Monster Mash)

The program offers events to Charlton Heights students and their families. The Monster Mash is a Halloween Costume party/dance. It takes place the Friday night before Halloween. The program chair and co-chair coordinate volunteers that help set up/clean up, sell tickets at the front door, work the bake sale tables, secure the DJ, and organize traditional activities such as the limbo, hula hoop contest, etc.

Fifth Grade Event

This is an “end-of-the-elementary-years” program for the fifth graders. It is a celebratory event that allows the students a chance to have fun, while reflecting on their years at Charlton Heights. The program chair and co-chair should be parent (s) of fifth-grade students and are responsible for organizing and implementing the program in June.

Fall Fundraiser

Our biggest fundraiser is held in the fall. Volunteers are needed to help assist with the distribution of orders on one afternoon and evening.

Holiday Shop

This program is priceless! The program only runs once (usually in early December). This program assists children with their holiday shopping needs by providing them inexpensive and hand made items for purchase. The program chair and co- chair secure vendors, plan and manage the event, and coordinate parent volunteers.

Label Programs

Our school participates in the Hannaford Helps, Price Chopper’s Tools for Schools, and the Campbell’s Soup label program. The chairperson maintains the incoming labels, keeps tally/count of the different labels, and r
edeems the labels for each label program. (Tools for Schools and Campbell’s labels For Education involves a catalog that the teachers use to pick out merchandise to be used for the benefit of the students/school. Hannaford issues a check to our school for the amount of money equivalent to the amount of money accumulated from the register receipts/coupons that are submitted. This program has the flexibility for you to manage/maintain the program from home.

Homeroom Parents

Parents are needed to organize classroom parties and classroom help as requested by the teachers. You do not need to be the parent who attends all of the parties, you are the coordinator. Meet with the teacher prior to Back-to-school night to determine specific classroom needs. There will be two homeroom parents per class. You may only homeroom parent one class, per year.


The program chairperson organizes for a few programs during the year. Bakers are needed along with a few volunteers to help setting/cleaning up for different program events.

Ice Cream Social a.k.a. The Walkabout

The walkabout is held during the month of May. The Ice Cream Social allows students and their families to congregate in the cafeteria to socialize and enjoy ice cream and other fun treats. The chair secures the supplies and volunteers for the event. Volunteers help scoop ice cream or sell other treats and beverages served to the CH students and their families.

Kindergarten Orientation

This program is an introductory program for incoming kindergarteners during the month of May.
It is designed to assist the morning kindergarteners and their parents, and introduce them to Charlton Heights. The
chairperson and co-chair manage the registration process, work with the administrative assistant to comply with district protocol, coordinate the three week schedule, and secure volunteers for hands-on assistance.

Library Volunteers

Volunteers are needed for tasks such as assisting students with book selections, assisting the library staff with returning books to the shelves, or pulling books for a particular class. The chair coordinates a list of volunteers for the school year.


PTA membership is devoted to the educational success of all children, as well as for promoting parent involvement in our school. The PTA supports teachers, helping them to provide the vital energy every classroom needs and provides enrichment for the children outside of the classroom. The PTA is a registered nonprofit organization that prides itself on being a powerful voice for all children, a relevant resource for families and communities. The program chairperson welcomes and encourages parents at back-to-school night and the first few months of school to become PTA members. The chair collects PTA dues, records membership enrollments, and distributes PTA membership cards.

Milk Volunteers

Volunteers set up and stock the milk/snack table that is available for purchase during lunch (11:20 a.m.  to 1:15 p.m.). The chair coordinates the volunteers and makes/distributes a monthly schedule.

Odyssey of the Mind

Good minds think alike! This PTA sponsored program works with small groups of students to solve a given problem. The National PTA provides guidelines. Teams will compete against local schools and have the potential of going to a national level. The program chair and co- chair will lead teams as coaches. The chairperson(s) also judge the regional competition, held in March (training is provided)

Readers/Writer’s Workshop

This is a first grade literacy program. The program will run from October into the spring. The program chair coordinates a list of volunteers to assist the students during their Library class time.


This is a national PTA Arts program with the intent for children to use their creative talents by expressing themselves through their own original works. Students may enter the competition with works in the following categories: Photography, Visual Arts, Literature, Musical Composition, Dance Chorography, and Film/video production. The program chair and co-chair are provided program instructions from the National PTA.

PARP (Parents as Reading Partners)

This reading incentive program is designed to encourage children to read independently as well as with siblings and parents. This program takes place in March as part of a National PTA initiative. The chair and co-chair are responsible for orchestrating a theme and promoting it to the students and families of Charlton Heights.

Popcorn Kernel

This chairperson maintains the popcorn supplies and sets up once a month “popcorn days” in the cafeteria during lunch (11:20 a.m. to 1:15 p.m.).

School Banking

This program provides an opportunity for students to participate in simple, independent banking skills and supports the importance of saving money. The program is sponsored by First New York Federal Credit Union, and is held every Thursday morning before the start of school. The program chair and co-chair coordinate a rotating schedule of volunteers to assist the students with their deposits and are responsible for making the accumulated deposit to the bank the day of banking transactions.

School Directory

A valuable tool here at CH. Families provide information for publication for easy reference/contact.

School Pictures

This is an annual fall event in which both individual and class pictures are taken. The program chair and co-chair secure the calendar date and organize a schedule for the homerooms to follow. The chairs also organize
a list of volunteers to help manage the classes/groups.

School Spirit Shop

You can’t hide that Spartan pride with the items available through our school spirit shop. Items such as short/long sleeved t-shirts, shorts, hats, and cinch packs with the BH-BL and/or Charlton Heights screen-printed and or embroidered logos are available for purchase. The program chair and co-chair manage inventory, orders and the sale dates.

Star of the Week/Scholarships

This celebration activity recognizes students on a weekly basis. Volunteers will display provided stars each week, on our Star of the Week school bulletin board. The same committee is responsible to award three (3) scholarships to graduating seniors from our BH-BL High School and two (2) Art scholarships to graduating fifth graders. The program chair and co-chair coordinate a list of volunteers to change the bulletin board on a weekly basis and secure the committee members to help review scholarship applicants and vote on recipients.

Staff Recognition Luncheon

This program allows our CH PTA and parent volunteers to show our appreciation for the dedicati on and talent that our staff members share with our children everyday. The staff appreciation date takes place in May. The program chair and co-chairs plan, organize, and coordinate a date, theme and group of volunteers to help with the party planning, food preparation and set-up/clean for the luncheon.


A labor of love for capturing the smiles of everyone at CH. A keepsake filled with the school year’s events, school spirit, friendships and memories of elementary school! The program chair and co-chair collaborate with Mr. Sinnenberg to capture both structured and candid photo opportunities, decide on a yearbook layout and photo entries and submit photo pages for publication.