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Jun 25, 2018
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October 29, 2013
Founders Day nominations needed

Founders Day Dinner, Feb. 6

Founders Day is a nationwide celebration to remember the founders of PTA who first gathered in 1896. Each year the BH BL High School honors an individual(s) who has(have) gone above and beyond in ways that benefit the children of the High School and our community.

At the District wide Founders Day Dinner on February 6, 2014, recipients from each school will be recognized and presented with a Lifetime Honorary Membership in PTA. This is an evening filled with good food, great music and high praise (along with a few tears) and is an event that all are encouraged to attend. Watch for details mid- December.
Here is your opportunity to nominate an individual who has given their time, energy and talents in ways that benefit and enrich the lives of the children at the High School

The nominee can be a leader or someone who is a behind-the-scenes volunteer. This person can be a parent, teacher, support staff or a community member.

Anyone may nominate someone for this award (nomination form attached) A nomination can be submitted by one person or a group may join their voices. All nomination forms will then be reviewed and voted on by the High School PTSA executive board, to decide the winner(s). Those nominees not chosen at the High School level will then go on to the PTA Council level for an additional review and potential award.

This is an award that can only be won once by an individual. Please note list of previous winners on the nomination form and then take a moment to think about yours and your children’s experiences at the High School to see who stands out in your mind as someone who would deserve to have their efforts recognized.


There are several ways to submit your nomination, you can email it to High School PTA Council Representative John Kelch at  or ask at the main office to put it in the PTSA mailbox. Please indicate: Founder’s Day/John Kelch on the envelope.

This is a great opportunity to let someone know that their efforts are appreciated.