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Apr 21, 2018
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Activities & Clubs: Procedures

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Organizational Procedures for Clubs & Activities

Starting a Club

Any group of students wishing to form a club or organization should:

1. Identify the number of students interested;

2. Obtain a faculty advisor;

3. Obtain approval of the principal after stating the purpose and plans of the organization; and

4. Apply for a charter from the Student Government Organization.

Groups wishing to meet for short-term activities may do so with approval of the principal.

After-School Building Use

Any student group wishing to use the school for after-school activities should submit an application to the Main Office. This application should include a brief description of the activity and any special arrangements and should be signed by the advisor of the student group. The application forms are available at the Main Office.

Fund Raising

A calendar to register in-school sales of candy, etc. is kept in the Principal's Office. Board of Education policy prohibits out-of-school sales.