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Jun 23, 2018
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School Handbook & Code of Conduct

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Academics & Grade Reporting

Report Cards

At the end of each quarter, report cards are issued. Students are expected to take the report cards home. End of the year report cards are mailed directly to your home.

The O’Rourke Middle School uses a two-tiered grading system along with additional comments.

Tier One – Academic Performance Standard

A 0-100 grade will be determined based on content knowledge stemming from graded materials (i.e. quizzes, tests, projects, authentic assessments, portfolios, laboratory projects, student notebooks and journals, classroom performance, oral presentations, and grade homework.)

Tier Two – Personal Development Standard

A 1-5 grade (5-Exceptional, 4-Very Good, 3-Good, 2-Needs Improvement, and 1-Minimal) will be determined based on the following personal development criteria: engages in class activities, demonstrates good work habits and neatness, demonstrates best effort, attends class on time and is prepared, completes assignments / homework in a timely manner, exhibits positive class behavior and attitude, strives to continually improve, cooperates with peers and adults, and demonstrates motivation as a self-directed learner.

If an incomplete (INC) appears on a report card, it signifies that the student is missing either a major project, a number of homework assignments, quizzes or tests (due to absence or other circumstances). This missing work prevents the teachers from reporting a fair and accurate grade on the report card. To replace the INC with a numeric grade, the student needs to speak with his/her teacher about the missing work and make it up. The make-up work must be submitted within 10 school days from the day report cards are issued to the students. When all missing work is submitted, the INC will be replaced by a numerical grade on the next report card. If the work is not submitted within the allotted time, the student’s grade will be calculated with the missing work – the result being a lower grade. {Note – This provision is intended to provide a fair grade for students facing extenuating circumstances such as illness, death in the family, etc.}

If an “F” grade appears on a report card, it indicates that a student has earned a grade below a 65 for the quarter. The purpose of the “F” grade is to allow a student the opportunity to improve a failing grade by consistently demonstrating an improved attitude, effort and achievement in that course for the remaining quarters. The teacher, in reviewing the student’s progress, may replace the “F” with a numerical grade ranging from 0-64, with the grade replacement not being lower than the earned grade.

Honor Roll & GPA

Student’s Average Award


94.50 or higher

Principal's Honor Roll

89.50 to 94.99

High Honor Roll

84.50 to 89.49

Honor Roll

In order to achieve Honor Roll status, no report card mark may be an “F” grade, “Unsatisfactory” or “Incomplete”. Honor Roll eligibility is determined by the GPA (grade point average) which is computed as follows:

Full year courses and half-year courses count as 1, every other day courses count as 0.5, and Band/Orchestra count as 0.6.

Example for Grade 8:

Math 80
Science 70
Social Studies 90
English 80
Spanish 70
Technology 90
Physical Education 40 (.5 of 80)
Art 80
Band 56.4 (.6 of 94)

Total Points 656.4
Total Courses 8.1 (6 full year, 2 half year plus 2 every other day courses)
Average 81.04

Promotion Policy

Children who satisfactorily meet the requirements for promotion will be moved on to the next level of instruction in the successive school year. The O’Rourke Middle School promotion requirements will have as its primary component the commitment to exhaust all avenues of intervention to insure student success in school. Should students still exhibit tendencies toward failure after interventions have been applied, through formulated instructional prescriptions, then the following determinations may be made:

1. Students who pass all academic courses shall be promoted to the next level of instruction unless it is deemed otherwise beneficial to retain that student for developmental purposes. This designation will be determined only after a consultation is made with the staff, parent/guardian, student, and Pupil Assistance Team (PAT) members.

2. Students who fail one course will be conditionally promoted to the next instructional level, with a strong recommendation that the student attend a summer intervention and/or bridge skills course. The student will be placed on academic watch to monitor their progress at the next level of instruction.

3. Students who fail two or more academic courses will be mandated to attend summer intervention courses in the same disciplines they failed, up to four courses; and/or may be required to take an additional bridge skills course to support their development. Passing the summer intervention course may result in the promotion of the student to the next level of instruction. Any students attending a summer school intervention program and promoted to the next level of instruction will be placed on academic watch to monitor their progress and may receive alternative education through school based intervention programs in the successive school year. Students who fail to attend or refuse to attend summer school or fail summer school intervention courses, run the risk of being retained at the current grade level of instruction.

Please note: Advancement is contingent on compliance with summer school attendance and behavioral requirements and is at the discretion of the building principal. 

4. Alternative educational options may be sought for students who exhibit chronic tendencies toward failure. Determination for these placements will come in consultation with the staff, parent/guardian, student, and Response to Intervention team (RtI) members.

5. The building principal will determine, in joint consultation with members of each constituent group, placement and status based on district opportunities and finances.