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Apr 24, 2018
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School Handbook & Code of Conduct

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Students are encouraged and rewarded for outstanding scholarship, citizenship, and personal growth. Various awards are given to sixth, seventh and eighth grade students throughout the year.

O'Rourke Rave Board

Students and staff are encouraged to nominate students that demonstrate traits of good character. The students’ names will be displayed on the O’Rourke Rave Board, which is located in the hallway across from the Main Office.

Scholastic Awards

In 8th grade, students are awarded bronze, silver, and gold medals for the average of the first three quarters.

  • Students having averages from 84.5 to 89.4 are eligible for the Bronze Medal.
  • Students having averages from 89.5 to 94.4 are eligible for the Silver Medal.
  • Students having averages from 94.5 or above are eligible for the Gold Medal.

Departmental Awards

The English, Science, Social Studies, Math, Health, World Language, Music, Art, Family and Consumer Science, Technology, Academic Intervention Services, Special Education, and Physical Education Departments will each recognize an outstanding eighth grade student.