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Jun 25, 2018
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School Handbook & Code of Conduct

separating rule

Student Identification Process

The identification of student academic and developmental needs shall be comprehensive and exhaustive with the intent to provide each student with a successful educational program. This premise includes students at all levels of the learning spectrum. Every effort will be made to identify student needs at the grass roots level through individual teachers and teaching teams.

 Strategies will be applied at that level which differentiate instruction for each child and provide for their needs as best can be served within the structure of the greater population. When all classroom strategies and interventions have been exhausted through collaboration with parents/guardians and consultants, then the child’s case will be referred to the Response to Intervention (RtI) team for further determination. The RtI team will then review progress to date, consult with appropriate student managers, and evaluate personal student information to determine further intervention strategies and/or placements. At all times, the parents/guardians will be consulted on all matters.

The school will administer a variety of assessments, both local and standardized, to help determine student needs and placement. These measures will be used in conjunction with other researched and proven measures of evaluation. Each evaluation of a child should be comprehensive and consider all aspects of a child’s development. Evaluation should be ongoing and progressive. All intervention strategies should be documented and monitored.

Dropping a Course

Students may not drop a course without the consent of the parent/guardian, Department Head, teacher, and the guidance counselor. Until the request has been approved, and the teacher has been notified by guidance, the student remains a member of the class and must attend classes. Students who drop prior to the end of a ten week marking period will receive a drop/pass or drop/fail on their report card based on their perform