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Jun 19, 2018
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Community Corner: BH-BL PTAs and PTA Council

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mom reading to childrenEach of the five schools in our district is fortunate to have a very active PTA group.

The PTAs in our schools provide so many services that it would be impossible to list them all. PTA members recruit and coordinate volunteers, provide enrichment opportunities, raise money for many worthy projects, keep parents informed through school newsletters, publish student writing, sponsor parent education activities, help orient incoming pupils and parents, provide refreshments at meetings, and assist staff members in a multitude of ways.

The five school PTAs are also coordinated through an umbrella group called the BH-BL PTA Council, which organizes efforts to work on joint needs and projects.


School PTA Groups

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Burnt Hills-Ballston Lake PTA Council

2015-16 PTA Council Officers and Contacts:

  • President:  Stephanie Frederick, 935-8510
  • 1st Vice President: Stephanie Frederick
  • 2nd Vice President: Joan LaBuff, 779-250
  • 3rd Vice President: Joan LaBuff, 779-250
  • Secretary: Kim North
  • Treasurer: Patrick Hackenberg
  • High School Representative: Laurie Kruppenbacher
  • Middle School Representative: Colleen Grabb,
  • Charlton Heights ES Representative:
  • Stevens ES Representative: Joan LaBuff, 779-2505
  • Pashley ES Representative: Stephanie Frederick, 935-8510
  • Teacher Representitive: Sue Cifaratta,
  • Superintendent: Patrick McGrath,
  • Children's Theatre: Chris Katz


Other PTA Information