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Jun 25, 2018
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Resources & Articles related to screen time

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OurPact: A simple parental control app that allows parents to limit screen time by blocking internet and app access. Works with both iOS or Android devices. Details here:

IMessage (Apple Devices, Free): Parents can sign in with the same iCloud account on their compatible Apple device and see all IMessages sent and received by the child. Details Here:

Restrictions (Apple Devices, Free): Parents can set up restrictions on a child’s device to prevent them from installing/deleting apps, installing apps of a certain rating, using FaceTime, using cellular data, or using Safari to browse the internet. More Details:

MSpy (Apple and Android Devices, Plans starting at $22/Month): MSpy has many different plans to suit the level at which parents want to monitor their children’s phone usage. The basic plan includes viewing text & picture messages, call history, web traffic, emails, bookmarks and location. The premium plan offers all features of the basic plan but also includes monitoring WhatsApp, iMessage and Facebook Messenger. Both options include 24/7 technical support. More Details:

MamaBear (Apple and Android Devices, Free Version Available, Plans Starting at $5/Month): MamaBear allows parents to view text messages (android only), children’s activity on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter (including alerts for keywords), location and speed alerts. More Details:

Qustudio (Android, Free Version Available, Plans Starting at $50/Year): Qustudio allows for text message viewing, call history, web usage reports and filtering and setting device time limits. Details:

TeenSafe (Apple and Android Devices, Free Trial then $15/Month): TeenSafe allows parents to view calls and texts, track phone location, view web history and installed applications. TeenSafe also allows parents to connect applications like WhatsApp and Tinder and track their child’s use/history.
More Details:

Carrier Specific Options:

Verizon Family Base ($5/Account/Month): View usage, lock phone as needed, set use times, View Contacts

AT&T Smart Limits ($10/Account/Month): View usage, set limits, block numbers

Sprint Mobile Controls ($5/Device/Month): View usage, set limits, block numbers, set alerts for potentially concerning behavior

T-Mobile Family Allowances (Small Fee/Month): View usage, set limits, block numbers