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Jun 19, 2018
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Library Media Center

Library Media Program & Mission

A sequenced program of library media instruction begins by introducing young students to the format of books, the enjoyment of reading, and the development of responsible book-borrowing habits.

With primary students, the emphasis will be on reading for pleasure; finding books of interest; and the cycle of borrowing, returning, and borrowing again. We will learn how a library is organized, go online for e-books and group research projects, and explore seasonal themes, authors and illustrators.

Intermediate students will focus on information seeking, or research, as an integral part of the library program. Of course, we still read for pleasure! Additionally, students will learn about many different sources for reliable information, beginning with a dictionary, a set of encyclopedias, an almanac, and moving on to databases and the Internet. We will also practice using the Dewey Decimal system and share the many genres of fiction for children.

During a child's elementary years, an effective library media program will help to establish a lifelong habit of reading, both for pleasure and for information. That, simply stated, is the overriding mission of the program.


Stevens Library Media Center

Heidi Brower, LMS

Francis L. Stevens Elem. School

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