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Jun 19, 2018
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January 24, 2013

Opinions sought on a better website

BH-BL working to redesign & improve its website

Burnt Hills-Ballston Lake residents and staff are invited to provide input on the district’s planned website redesign through an online survey.

The purpose of the redesign is to enhance the functionality, content and design as well as to improve staff members' ability to maintain the website.

“These days a website is a vital tool for any school district," says BH-BL superintendent Patrick McGrath. "It's our virtual presence in the world and a tool for both learning and communications. Parents, students, teachers, residents: everyone relies on the website. So it's something that needs to undergo a periodic overhaul and upgrade."

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The BH-BL website at was first launched in 1999, and the site had its last major overhaul in 2005-06.

"Technology and people's use of the internet have changed lot since 2006," says communications specialist Christy Multer. "Our current site is old and creaky, and the pages don't always work as they should. We're looking forward to taking full advantage of technological advances to provide an improved, more functional site.”

In 2006, the school district typically had 600 - 800 unique visitors per day to its website and 4,000 - 6,000 unique visitors per month. Recently, however, its unique visitors have numbered 1,500 - 3,000 per weekday and 20,000 - 25,000 per month.

A redesigned website will enable Burnt Hills-Ballston Lake to provide more information in an easier-to-navigate format while maintaining the district’s identity and most of the content of the current site.

The redesign will be performed by the Capital Region BOCES Communications Service, which has created more than 40 websites for area school districts. The improved site will meet today’s industry standards for use by viewers with disabilities and by those using various computer platforms and various web browsers such as Internet Explorer, Firefox and Safari.

Planned enhancements include photo galleries, a better search feature, and improvements to the School News Notifier (SNN) system, among others.

Work to create the revised site will take place behind the scenes from February to June, and the switch to the revamped site is tentatively scheduled for July.

“We want to both keep what our users like from the current site and address what needs improvement,” says Multer. “So people's responses to the online survey will provide valuable information as we move forward with the redesign.”

To share your opinions about the website in our online survey, please click here.