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Mar 24, 2018
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March 28, 2013

Pashley and high school to be sites for police training during April break

Don't be alarmed or surprised if you see a number of police cars or other emergency vehicles at Pashley elementary or the BH-BL high school next week.

Both schools will be the sites of police training drills on specific days while the schools are closed for the April break week. The school district is not involved in the preparedness drills.

Town of Glenville police officers will be conducting various drills, including "active shooter" training sessions, inside the Pashley elementary school on Pashley Road on Tuesday, April 2, Wednesday, April 3 and Friday, April 5.

The entire Pashley campus and playground will be closed to all staff and members of the public for those three days.

The Saratoga County sheriff's office and NY state police will also be holding trainings in parts of the BH-BL high school on Lakehill Road on Wednesday, April 3 from 8:30 - 3:00.

"Police officers have many potentially dangerous situations to prepare and train for, so when these law enforcement organizations approached us and asked to hold training sessions in our schools, we were happy to oblige them," says superintendent Patrick McGrath. "Of course everyone hopes they will never need to use this training, but if they do, their being familiar with our buildings will be a big plus."

Parents and community members will be unable to enter Pashley and the High School on these days. Passers-by may also notice a number of law enforcement vehicles at the schools.