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Apr 21, 2018
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March 29, 2013

BH-BL task force recommends change to full-day kindergarten

Report from the Full-Day

Kindergarten Task Force
Questions & answers about kindergarten options

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Slides shown at the March 18 forum

Feb. 26 press releases related to the kindergarten question

 The task force of 14 Burnt Hills-Ballston Lake staff and parents charged with studying the district's kindergarten program has recommended switching to a full-day program starting in September 2013.

The task force presented a detailed report and recommendations to superintendent Patrick McGrath and the Board of Education on March 26.

The Board of Education is expected to vote on this at their next regularly scheduled business meeting on April 16.

Co-chaired by assistant superintendent Dr. Richard Evans and kindergarten teacher Kris Gregory, the task force spent the past month studying all aspects of this question and collecting input from BH-BL parents and residents.

In addition to recommending a full-day program, the task force described a potential transitional option that would be unique to BH-BL and could serve as a compromise for parents who felt they would not have time to prepare their children for a full-day program by September 2013.

Decision likely soon

Mr. McGrath and the Board of Education are expected to decide the question of full-day versus half-day kindergarten by mid-April so that creation of the budget for the coming school year can continue on schedule.

Switching to a full-day program for 2013-14 would be "budget neutral" and not increase 2013-14 taxes, assistant superintendent Chris Abdoo told the board, because increased costs for teachers would be offset by reduced costs for busing. A decision is needed soon, however, so that parents can plan accordingly and Abdoo can allocate monies to the appropriate lines of the budget.

See the Task Force's written report for full details on:

  • Results from two community opinion surveys (pages 5-6)
  • Cost calculations (pages 10 - 11)
  • Summary of findings and recommendations (pages 11 - 12)
  • Appendix with a research synthesis and bibliography (pages 14 - 16).

Other materials on this topic are linked above right, including answers to questions asked at the March 18 forum.