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Apr 21, 2018
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Grade 4 students display food typically made in 1775
during their school's Living Museum display.

May 13, 2013

Fourth graders present "Birth of a Nation" Living Museum

The year is 1775. There is unrest in the American colonies over the unfair treatment of the colonists by England's King George III and Parliament. The Patriots are tired of this unfair treatment and revolution is in the air. But the Loyalists are still hoping that England can calm the colonies and can remain in control. Step into our Living Museum to talk to the colonists and find out which side of this issue our colonists are on and what brought things to this point.

The above scenario is what greeted visitors to three 4th grade classrooms at Stevens Elementary School on May 10. The students had been working for weeks and were ready to play their parts in the school's much-loved live history "museum."

Students in Mrs. Lutz's, Mrs. Brophy's and Mrs. Guba's rooms spend roughly three weeks researching and writing about town life and farm life in the American colonies in 1775. Each student picks a made-up character and a job to write about in class. At home, students collect or make artifacts and a costume to depict their character in the museum.

Students also draw a giant mural that wraps around the walls on three sides of their classroom to transform the room into a living museum on the exciting day that their parents and school-mates visit.

Meanwhile the students in Mrs. Ingersoll's class use technology to interview and take photos of the "colonists" to document what their fellow fourth-graders have accomplished.

Visitors to the museum are also encouraged to talk to the colonists and ask them about their job and whether they are a Patriot or Loyalist and why.

The annual event is very popular with both parents and younger and older students. "This is one of the things they remember most about fourth grade," says Mrs. Lutz.

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