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Mar 24, 2018
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June 22, 2013

All 2012-13 BH-BL varsity teams achieve Scholar-Athlete recognition

For the third year in a row, Burnt Hills-Ballston Lake High School students have shown that they excel both on the field and in the classroom.

Principal Maryellen Symer has announced that BH-BL is again on track to be named a state "School of Distinction" based on the fact that all 26 of its varsity interscholastic sports teams -- plus the boys and girls crew teams* -- have been named "Scholar-Athlete" teams for achieving grade point averages above 90 percent.

Scholar-Athlete Team recognition is an honor given by the New York State Public High School Athletic Association (NYSPHSAA) to recognize teams that excel in academics.

In any given year, hundreds of individual NY interscholastic teams earn Scholar-Athlete status, but very few high schools are named a "Scholar-Athlete Team School of Distinction" by having ALL their varsity teams earn a GPA of 90 percent or higher.

Schools have until June 30 to report their data to NYSPHSAA. School of Distinction award results are typically announced in September.


Based on size of minimal team

NYSPHSAA sets the rules for this award. To be named as a Scholar-Athlete Team, the organization requires that a specific number of varsity athletes achieve a grade point average of 90 percent or higher. Since some sports require more participants than others, the number of student athletes used to calculate a given team's grade point average varies.

For instance, the number of varsity athletes whose GPA must be 90 percent or higher is 12 for the football, field hockey and track teams, but only 8 for volleyball and ice hockey.

Below are the grade point averages calculated for each BH-BL team under NYSPHSAA rules this year.


Fall Season Teams Grade Point Average

Boys Cross Country: 94.941

Girls Cross Country: 97.680

Field Hockey: 96.378

Football: 93.594

Golf: 95.051

Girls Soccer: 93.419

Boys Soccer: 93.044

Girls Swimming: 93.773

Girls Tennis: 94.871

Boys Volleyball: 92.688

Girls Volleyball: 96.042


Winter Season Teams Grade Point Average

Boys Basketball: 93.42

Girls Basketball: 91.591

Bowling: 92.204

Ice Hockey: 93.948

Boys Swimming: 92.918

Girls Indoor Track: 97.538

Boys Indoor Track: 95.175

Wrestling: 92.688


Spring Season Teams Grade Point Average

Baseball: 92.008

Girls Lacrosse: 96.457

Boy Lacrosse: 93.025

Softball: 95.059

Boys Tennis: 93.704

Boys Track and Field: 95.774

Girls Track and Field: 97.828


A different kind of State Champion

Earlier this year, NYSPHSAA also named the BH-BL field hockey team the "Scholar-Athlete State Champion" because their team GPA of 96.378 was the highest team GPA of all 172 girls field hockey teams achieving Scholar-Athlete status in the state.

Based on the fall and winter results announced so far this year, two other BH-BL teams have GPAs that are noticeably high in comparison to other teams statewide.

  • The girls cross country team, whose GPA of 97.680 was 16th out of 316 Scholar-Athlete teams in the state.
  • The girls indoor track team, whose GPA of 97.538 was 8th highest out of 229 Scholar-Athlete teams in the state.

Both the boys and girls varsity rowing teams have also been named Scholar-Athlete Teams because at least nine rowers on each team earned a grade point average of 90% or higher.

Rowing is organized under the NY State Scholastic Rowing Association rather than the NYSPHSAA mentioned above, but in 2009 the state Rowing Association also began honoring Scholar-Athlete teams.

"This is an outstanding accomplishment for the teams and the rowing program," says athletic director Bob McGuire. "Now we do have every team reaching this level."