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Jun 19, 2018
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August 28, 2012

Average increase of 1.96 percent

BH-BL school tax bills to go out August 30

The Burnt Hills-Ballston Lake school district has received final tax equalization rates for the towns of Ballston, Charlton, Glenville and Clifton Park, and school tax bills are ready to be mailed to property owners on August 30.

The total tax levy is the same amount as was projected last May, but increased property assessments in the district's four towns mean that tax rates need to increase slightly less than had been projected to generate the same number of tax dollars.

On August 7, BH-BL Board of Education members formally approved a total tax levy of $35,085,477. This is the the identical amount as was projected at the time of the school budget vote in May.

The levy includes $4,816,828 in taxes that will be paid by the state under the STAR program. The overall 2012-13 school budget is $56,912,454.

Tax rate changes for each town

School tax rates are increasing by 1.96 percent on average across the district's four towns. This is a weighted average that takes into consideration the fact that Ballston and Glenville make up much larger portions of the school district than Charlton and Clifton Park.

Tax rate changes are different for each town based on equalization rates set by the NY Office of Real Property Tax Services (ORPTS). ORPTS is the state agency that calculates equalization rates each year in an effort to spread the tax burden across a school district from town to town as fairly as possible.

Ballston's equalization rate grew by four percent this summer, and Glenville's grew by one percent while equalization rates for Charlton and Clifton Park stayed the same.

"Each year changes in the state-supplied equalization rates cause the tax burden to shift a bit across our four towns," explains assistant superintendent Jacqueline St. Onge. "This fall our town of Ballston residents will actually see a small tax rate decrease. In 2010 it was our Glenville residents who had the lowest tax rate increase, while in 2009 it was our Clifton Park residents who benefited. These shifts tend to even out over time."

Differences among the four towns reflect the amount of new construction in each town, the rise or fall in property values there, any assessment reductions, and how close assessed values are to full market value — in the estimation of ORPTS.

Specifically, BH-BL school tax RATES are decreasing by 0.29% percent in Ballston, increasing by 2.74 percent in Glenville, and increasing by 3.87 percent in both Charlton and Clifton Park.

Specific numbers for each town are shown in the following chart. Tax rates are rounded to the nearest whole penny.

Town Tax Rate per Thoussand Dollars of Assessed Value




Percent change




- 0.29 %





Clifton Park








Weighted District Average



Overall assessed property values grew in all four towns. From 2011 to 2012, total assessed property values in the BH-BL portions of the towns grew by $2.8 million in Ballston, by $2.4 million in Charlton, by $192,183 in Clifton Park, and by $638,053 in Glenville.

Based on assessed property values, the town of Glenville makes up 38 percent of the BH-BL school district, while Ballston is 36 percent, Charlton is 20 percent, and Clifton Park is only 6 percent. Total assessed value of all property in the district is $1.5 billion.

Payment details

BH-BL school tax bills will be mailed out on August 30. Payment checks should be made out to "BH-BL Schools."

Payments can be made by mail to the Receiver of Taxes, BH-BL Schools, 50 Cypress Drive, Glenville, NY 12302. Credit card or partial payments of taxes cannot be accepted.

Important: Monday, October 1, will be the final day that payments can be accepted without incurring a penalty.

On selected days from September 4 to Oct. 1, residents who wish to pay their tax bills in person may do so at the First New York Federal Credit Union at 19 Glenridge Road, Glenville, across from the Glenville town library. See details below.

From September 4 – 20, the credit union will be accepting tax payments ONLY on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm.

From September 24 – October 1, the credit union will accept in-person tax payments any day except Sunday during its regular banking hours, which are printed on the tax bill.

To avoid penalties, tax bills must be paid or postmarked no later than October 1. Bills paid from October 2 through October 31 incur a two percent penalty. After October 31, the school district can no longer accept tax payments. Under the law, uncollected bills are turned over to the counties for collection at that time.

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