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Jun 25, 2018
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separating rule

October 3, 2012

Annual "Go Home Early" drill is Friday, Oct. 5

All five Burnt Hills-Ballston Lake schools will join other Capital Region public schools in the annual "Go Home Early" drill on Friday, Oct. 5. Students will be dismissed 15 minutes early so that they and school staff can practice the procedures that would be used if school needed to be closed unexpectedly during the day.

Last week, students received a letter for parents from Superintendent Patrick McGrath with more details. A copy of the letter is also available here.

If your child is usually bused home or bused to a care provider, you can expect him or her to arrive up to 15 minutes early on October 5th. Please inform your care provider of this.

After the drill, students who attend the in-school Y-Care programs and those scheduled for interscholastic sports practices or games will be permitted to re-enter the school and go about their activities / child care as usual.