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Jun 23, 2018
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October 15, 2013

District leaders and students hold press conference after Oct. 12 homecoming

BH-BL apologies to Amsterdam administrators and students for inappropriate comments made during homecoming game

On Tuesday, Oct. 15, Superintendent Patrick McGrath with High School Principal Tim Brunson and Student Government Organization (SGO) President Sam Bartlett (Senior) held a press conference to further express their sincere apology to the Amsterdam City School City for the situation that occurred at BH-BL’s Oct. 12 Homecoming game. They also outlined additional outreach efforts the district has been involved in and explained that a thorough investigation is being conducted and the students involved will be disciplined according to the High School Code of Conduct.

“We are disheartened by the recent actions of a few of our students who betrayed the code of sportsmanship and Spartan pride—something we take very seriously,” said Brunson.

As a result of this recent situation, a full investigation has been launched and students involved could be suspended from school for up to five days and they could have their privilege to attend sporting events revoked for the remainder of the school.

Additionally, any student athlete involved in this incident could be held accountable to the Athletic Code of Conduct.

BH-BL students reach out to Amsterdam students

After a meeting with administrators Tuesday morning, Sam Bartlett and other SGO officers asked to write a letter to Amsterdam’s SGO on behalf of the entire student body.

“We want our peers at Amsterdam to know that we are offering a sincere apology and that what was said is not representative of the BH-BL student body as a whole,” said Bartlett who read the letter over the high school PA system and informed students, faculty and staff that if they supported the letter they could also sign it. More than 900 signatures were attached to the letter, which will be delivered to the Amsterdam Student Government President Wednesday, Oct. 16.

Superintendent McGrath, who has been in contact with the Amsterdam Superintendent, explained that they both want to use this situation as a teachable moment.

“As educators, we are in the same business of taking every situation—good and bad—and turning it into a teachable moment, and that’s exactly what we are doing,” says McGrath. “We will be using this situation to increase our efforts in reminding students of the importance of respect for diversity and good citizenship.”