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Apr 21, 2018
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December 4, 2013
Five elementary students recognized with Bus Safety Awards

Safety starts with our youngest students, and the BH-BL security and transportation directors have introduced a new School Bus Safety Award to promote exemplary behaviour on the school bus.

Bus drivers are on the lookout for elementary students to nominate for the new award.

The first awards were distributed at ceremonies in each elementary school in November and went to five students:

  • Pashley 1st grader Taylor Cusano, nominated by driver Maria Gross.
  • Pashley 4th grader Karissa Rogers, nominated by driver Lori Blatnick.
  • Pashley 5th grader Ammon Smith, nominated by driver Dennis Emerle.
  • Charlton Heights 4th grader Balbina Bouchard, nominated by driver Lynn Prentice.
  • Stevens 5th grader Owen Muller, nominated by driver Phyllis Scaringe.

Each student was praised for his or her actions in front of their classmates and received a toy bus and a certificate recognizing their "outstanding effort and inspiring behavior supporting the good character goals of the Burnt Hills-Ballston Lake Central School District."

Rewarded for good behavior

At the ceremonies, BH-BL Transportation Director Rich Hewlett and Safety and Security Director Philip Poitier described some of the good behavior that had earned these students their awards.

The five students were praised for being good role models who follow the rules and listen to their driver's instructions. Several have helped younger students with their seat belts or helped them learn how to safely cross the street. Others were recognized for helping to comfort or sit with students on their bus who may be upset, for helping the driver check for forgotten items on the bus, or for helping substitute drivers with the bus stops.