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Jun 25, 2018
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March 19, 2015

World Languages Honor Societ students

35 students inducted into World Language Honor Society

Congratulations to the 35 BH-BL High School students who were recently inducted into the World Language Honor Society.

The goal of the World Language Honor Society is to generate enthusiasm towards the study of languages, to promote high standards of scholarship, and to reward commitment to both the study of languages and to the language community.

Being inducted into the World Language Honor Society is no easy feat, though. Students must have maintained an average of 85 or above in the study of at least one language and be actively involved in the language community, either inside or outside school.

For example, a student could be an active member of the World Language Club or the International Club; be a mentor/supporting peer to a language student or an international student enrolled in the district; or be involved in outside-of-school events as a mentor/supporting peer to a student or to an adult who is a non-native English speaker.

"These students worked very hard to get where they are today," says High School Principal Tim Brunson. "It's a real honor to be able to celebrate their success with them."

Mara Smith

Congratulations to Natalie Albright, Madison Almy, Madison Ayers, Emma Billings, Natalie Burgner, Olivia Burnetter,  Lindsay Carr, Mary ("Emma") Cotter, Madi Crall, Aleaha DeCerce, Carly DeLeonardo, Carly Denning, Nicole Drapeau,
Aubrey Dunn, Hope Fischer, Jennifer Hagadorn, Megan Halm, Grace Hartfiel Carr, Kate Isaksen, Chris Kelch, Shelby Kislowski, Nicole Lanni, Kari LaPierre, Sydney LaQue, Isabela Leech, Donald MacElroy, Laura Mattas, Natalie Morse,
Charley Pollard, Bryan Roemelt, Eva Scott, Micaela Slovic, Mara Smith, Catherine Taylor, and Charlie Thomson.