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Jun 19, 2018
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September 15, 2014
BH-BL tax rates to increase an average of 1.13 percent

In late August, the Board of Education adopted the 2014-15 property tax rates for the BH-BL school district. The average tax rate increase is 1.13 percent, which is slightly lower than had been anticipated due to more rapid than expected growth in overall property values.

Tax rate changes for each town

Because of changes in equalization rates and changes in assessed values, the impact of school taxes is felt differently in the four towns that make up the BH-BL school district. Equalization rates are set by the New York State Office of Real Property Services (ORPS). Equalization rates are used to ensure that property taxes, especially those paid by are assessed equally and in proportion to fair market value across all towns.

This year, Ballston’s equalization rate decreased by 3.04 percent, Clifton Park remained unchanged, Charlton increased by 1.43 percent and Glenville increased by 1.05 percen

The chart below outlines the towns’ tax rates rounded to the nearest whole penny.


Tax rate per $1,000 of assessed value 2013

Tax rate per
$1,000 of assessed value in 201

Dollar amount difference
from year to year

Percent difference from year to year











Clifton Park











Tax levy remains the same

The tax levy increase (the total amount to be collected) of $36,652,136, or 1.94 percent, is the same as was predicted in May. And, under New York state’s new property tax levy cap law, the increase is below the district’s maximum allowable limit.

The levy includes $4,988,340 in taxes that will be paid by the state under the STAR program. The overall 2014-15 school budget approved by voters in May is $60,458,535.

Tax bill payments

BH-BL school tax bills were mailed out in late August and are due by Wednesday, Oct. 1. [WHERE DO I PAY MY TAX BILL?]

 Wednesday, Oct. 1, will be the final day that payments can be accepted without incurring a penalty.

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