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Apr 21, 2018
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November 17, 2014

Board held thorough Common Core discussion

At a public meeting on Thursday, Nov. 13, the board had a thoughtful and thorough discussion about the Common Core Learning Standards. Board members shared their views of the standards based on their research and findings, and in some cases, personal experiences. Some members also shared their areas of concern with the new standards, including questions about developmental appropriateness, support for parents when students struggle with homework, and the need for professional development for teachers.

Although no decisions were made at the discussion meeting, based on individual members’ comments, the majority of the board feels that the new standards themselves will result in a stronger, more in-depth understanding of math and ELA concepts.

Nearly all members said they would like to hear more from BH-BL staff as to how they feel the new standards are working in the classrooms. The board asked the administration to seek input from staff and report back to the board.

There were about 25 people who attended the two-hour board discussion.