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Jun 23, 2018
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November 24, 2014
Hurricane "Mr. Pease" hits Pashley

What can you make out of construction paper, straws, tape, Saran wrap and aluminum foil? A storm-proof model house, of course!

That was the task for about a dozen second-grade students working with PACE teacher Mrs. Sunkes. The students read a variety of literature and poems to get an in-depth and detailed understanding of the science behind hurricanes. They also incorporated math into their lessons by coordinating points to plot a hurricane's destructive path and they used their new knowledge of hurricanes to draft their own blueprints of a storm-proof house.

The final project required students to construct their storm-proof home and see if it could withstand a "hurricane."

The students, working in pairs, were allowed to use two pieces of construction paper, an arm length of tape, 12 inches of aluminum foil, four straws, 12 inches of Saran Wrap and one Styrofoam plate for mounting. They were given 20 minutes to construct their homes. Upon completion, Mrs. Sunkes used duct tape to mount the plates to a hard surface. Check out the photos of students working on their storm-proof homes. [PHOTO GALLERY]

Then, hurricane "Mr. Pease" hit! He came in with heavy winds loosening the earth (in this case tape) and weakening structures. And, just like a real hurricane, the houses were given a brief break from the storm as the center of the hurricane--or the eye--passed through. This calm portion tends to fool people into believing the worst is over. However, because hurricanes are cylindrical the remainder of the hurricane still has to pass through. The second passing results in more strong winds that typically leave a wake of destruction as it pulls and tosses the already loosened trees, building and other structures into its path.

So, did any of the students' storm-proof houses survive the hurricane? Check out the video below to find out.