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Mar 24, 2018
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December 9, 2014
BH-BL schools participate in Hour of Code

During the week of December 8, all five BH-BL schools will participate in the nationwide Hour of Code event sponsored by Students will be doing everything from writing code for video games to using computer programming to make an actual robot move and perform tasks. is a non-profit organization launched in 2013 and is dedicated to expanding participation in computer science by making it available in more schools. What initially started out as a hobby project quickly gather steam when a video aimed as piquing students’ interest in computer programming became the #1 video on YouTube for a day. Since then, the founders have turned their hobby into a worldwide effort to promote computer programming and help schools teach computer science by challenging schools to participate in an Hour of Code.

“Every student in every school should have the opportunity to learn computer science,” say the founders of
And that’s exactly what BH-BL is offering its students:

  •  On Tuesday, Dec. 9, every Charlton Heights Elementary School fifth grader will participate in a day of code, from 9 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. They will shift from three different stations—Robot, Hour of Code and Spheros. In Robot the kids will experiment with coding to make an actual robot follow commands; in Hour of Code students will create their own games or apps, learn javascript, write a program and more; and in Spheros students will learn to write code that makes a sphere change colors, roll, change directions and more.
  • On Tuesday, Dec. 9, all Charlton Heights students in grades 1 through 4 will also participate in an hour of code during their computer classes. They can use code to join the ever-popular Frozen characters Elsa and Anna by creating snowflakes for a winter wonderland scene and program patterns to make the characters ice skate. Or, they might learn the basics of JavaScript programming while creating fun drawings with code.
  • Throughout the week of Dec. 8, all Pashley Elementary School students will work with Library Media Specialist Krissy Neddo who created her own Hour of Code website. She’ll be using Botlogic, which is a coding puzzle game that uses programming game mechanics to let players gain a practical understanding of basic coding. They’ll learn sequence instructions, write procedures and utilize loops to solve levels. She’ll have kids work on iPads and use the Angry Birds or Frozen app to create their own computer program. And, she’ll teach them how to design code that will light up a Christmas tree on a computer!
  • Throughout the week of Dec. 8, many Stevens Elementary School teachers will “drop everything and code!” Using online resources from Kahn Academy, students will be engaged in a variety of programming and computer science activities designed to get students interested in coding.
  • On Tuesday, Dec. 9 through Thursday, Dec. 11, students at O’Rourke Middle School will work with BH-BH High School Coding Club students and computer science teacher Pauline White to delve deeper into the science behind coding. They too will have a chance to write a computer program, create a customized game, program robots and much more. These events will take place during after-school hours from 2:30 to 3:30 p.m.


Video of Charlton Heights fifth-grade students showing the results of their programming