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Jun 25, 2018
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June 6, 2017

MS students participate in Girls on the Run 5k

students posing after the run

Hard work paid off for several middle school female students who spent 10 weeks practicing to run a 5k at SUNY Albany. They worked with coaches, teachers, and other staff and community members building endurance and stamina to compete in the run. Coach Armbruster reports that every girl finished the run and had a great time seeing their hard work come to fruition. Way to go, girls!

  • Congratuations to the runners: Siri Adams, Savannah Bowers, Amelia Cataldo, Kayla Doerr, Evelina Glindmyer, Ryanne Gordon, Kaitlin Hopper, Ashley Hyde, Mary Ireland, Anya Kotkoskie, Kya Lahn-Schofield, Gianna Leggieri, Katya Lombardi, Faith Rogers McCarthy
  • Congratulations to the coaches: Lindssy Armbruster Audrey King, Kelly Chila, Karen Kersch, Kodi Kibler
  • Congratulations to Running Buddies: Brett Adams, Chrissy Gorr, Karin Wallimann, Nancy Hyde, Jen Peterson, Laurie Coniglione, Mary DiMartino, as well as parents and community members who aren't school staff.