New School Health Examination Form Required

All students entering Kindergarten and grades 1,3,5,7,9,11 as well as all new entrants to the school district are required by law to have a health appraisal.  Physicals are also required to participate in sports and for the issuance of working papers.

We were recently informed by the NYS Education Department that all school physical exams performed after January 31, 2021 must be documented (by the doctor/performing provider) on the required NYS school health examination form.  We are no longer permitted to accept any other physical document as the required school physical.

Area medical practices should be aware of the new state requirement, but it is recommended that you bring the form with you to the appointment.

Some area offices charge an additional fee for completing forms after the visit as this may be considered an additional service.  The form is available online (on our Health & Safety webpage) or from any of our district health offices.