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Jan 20, 2019
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Staff Directory and Teacher Websites

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O'Rourke Middle School Main Office

173 Lakehill Road
Burnt Hills, NY 12027


Main Office: 399-9141, ext. 84000   Fax: 384-2588
Attendance Office: 399-9141, ext. 84002

Principal: Colleen Wolff
Phone: 399-9141, ext. 84001  |

Assistant Principal: Nancy Pearse
Phone: 399-9141, ext. 84000  |

Attendance Office:  Vivian Perry (AM)  and Joelle Brady (PM)
Phone: 399-9141, ext. 84002 



Middle School Teaching Directory & Websites

6th Grade Teachers


7th Grade Teams

     Team 7-1:  Mr. Ahern, Mr. Beck, Mr. Hanlon, Mrs. Johnson, Mrs. Kersch, Mrs. Kibler, Mr. Mascelli, Mrs. McCarthy,
                       Mrs. Moynihan  [TEAM 7-1 WEBSITE]

     Team 7-2:  Mr. Beck, Mr. Duell, Miss Gestwick, Mr. Hanlon, Mrs. Johnson, Ms. King, Mr. Lancaster, Mrs. LaRosa 

      Team 7-3:  Mr. Antoski, Mr. Beck, Mrs. Capobianco, Mrs. Crowley, Mr. Lombardi, Mrs. McDaid, Mrs. Ronca

8th Grade Teams

     Spartan 1:  Mr. Devine, Mrs. Duell, Mrs. McDonnell, Mr. Metz, Mr. Morocco,  Mr. Tarlo

     Spartan 2:  Mr. Beck, Mr. Long, Mrs. McDonnell, Mrs. McFarland, Mr. Morocco, Mrs. Sprenger, Mrs. Tezanos,

                        Mrs. Weber, Mr. Yager  [SPARTAN-2 TEAM WEBSITE]


English Language Arts






Social Studies






World Language


Physical Education




Family & Consumer Sciences (FACS)




AIS - Academic Intervention Services


Special Education (SPED) & Skills


Support Staff - Teacher Aides & Assistants, Clerks & Monitors