Reopening Schools Information

This page will serve as the landing page for all news, updates, and information related to reopening schools in the 2020-21 school year. Check out the links of the “More Information” navigation bar for planning information and resources, and rely on the information below for new or updated information.


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We are looking forward to kicking off the new school year on Monday, Sept. 14. Below are several important dates to add to your calendar depending on what grade your children at entering:

  • Monday, Sept. 14: First Day of School for Grades 1-12 (both Fully Virtual Schools & In-person/Hybrid instructional models. Note: ONLY “maroon” cohort attends on 9/14
  • Tuesday, Sept 15: Kindergarten Orientation for Busy Bees Cohort ONLY. Note: ONLY “maroon” cohort attends on 9/15
  • Wednesday, Sept. 16: Kindergarten Orientation for Fireflies Cohort ONLY. Note: ONLY “grey” cohort attends on 9/16
  • Thursday, Sept. 17: First Day of School for Busy Bees
  • Friday, Sept. 18: First Day of School for Fireflies

A districtwide calendar will be mailed to residents in early September. The calendar dates, given the current situation, are all tentative. It also includes the MS & HS schedule for the in-person attendance of each cohort (maroon and grey)  first three months of school to assist families with planning. It also includes the kindergarten schedule for the Busy Bees and Fireflies cohort for the entire year. Here’s a district calendar of the first three months.

In-person Hybrid Instructional Plan

The district’s full reopening plan includes an In-person/Hybrid instructional model for students for the 2020-21 school year. On Aug. 10, parents were asked to register their children for either the In-person/Hybrid or Fully Virtual model. Nearly 75% of the student population selected In-person/Hybrid for September. Below are some details about the In-person/Hybrid model. Certain details, such as pick-up and drop-off procedures, specific schedules, etc., are still being worked out and will be shared with parents closer to the start of school.

In-Person/Hybrid School refers to the model whereby students will attend school in-person. In order to meet or exceed the NYS Department of Health and NYS Department of Education guidelines for safe in-person education, we are implementing modifications to the students’ schedules and daily routines. These modifications vary by level:

    • Elementary In-Person/Hybrid Model: Students in Grades 1-5 will attend school daily.  Elementary class sections are divided into two “pods” of 10-12 to maintain social distancing.  All students in each pod will be taught by a certified BHBL elementary teacher.  Pods are also supervised at times by a second adult when the primary teacher is physical with the other pod. Technology and socially distant spaces (i.e. outside) will be utilized as appropriate to “join” the pods.  Special area classes will be provided to the pods on rotation utilizing a combination of remote and in-person delivery models.
    • Kindergarten In-Person Model:  Kindergarten students will attend every other day for in-person instruction.  Students will not receive formal instruction on alternate days.
    • Secondary In-Person/Hybrid Model: Students in grades 6-12 will attend school on a rotating basis (2 days in-person and 2 days virtual from home on an alternating, predetermined schedule).  Teachers will provide instruction to both sets of students using synchronous and/or asynchronous instructional strategies.

More information about In-person/Hybrid instructional model.

Fully Virtual School

As part of the district’s overall reopening plan, fully virtual school is an option for students. As of August 14, there are 712 students (about 25% of the student population) that have opted for the Fully Virtual School for September. Below are details about the Fully Virtual School plan. Certain information is still being worked out, such as pick-up and drop-off procedures, specific schedules, etc.

Fully Virtual/Remote School refers to the model whereby students, at the specific request of parent(s)/guardian(s), are educated remotely for a specified period of time. Specifics of the virtual school model vary by level:

  • Elementary Virtual School:  Students across the three elementary schools will be combined into virtual grade level sections taught by BH-BL elementary certified teachers. Specials area classes will be added for virtual learners at scheduled times. Parents are committed to the model on a trimester-by-trimester basis.
  • Kindergarten Virtual School: Kindergarten students will attend virtually daily for 2 hours of instruction provided by a certified BHBL kindergarten teacher. Parents are committed to the model on a trimester-by-trimester basis.
  • Secondary Virtual School:  Middle and high school students will be assigned to completely virtual sections by course on a parallel schedule to the in-person/hybrid program. These courses will be taught by certified BH-BL teachers trained in teaching in the virtual setting.  In special circumstances, virtual students may remotely enter in-person courses.  Parents are committed to the model on a semester-by-semester basis.

Additionally, should the district be forced to close school buildings, staff are prepared to pivot to full virtual learning for all students based on the guidelines provided on this page.

Additional information about Fully Virtual School can be found on the FVS landing page.