Accepting Nominations for Open PTA Positions

PTA Seeking Volunteers for President, Secretary, Treasurer & Board Chairs

Every Child…One Voice.  Volunteer For the O’Rourke Middle School PTA.

Volunteering is an great way for you to show your child how important school is, how the entire community works together for them and to directly shape their experience at O’Rourke. It’s also a welcoming forum for you to obtain knowledge and voice your opinion.

In keeping with this goal, OMS PTA is now accepting nominations and volunteers for Executive Board positions and Program Chairs. The Executive Board of the O’Rourke Middle School PTA play a crucial role in bringing unique, engaging programs to the students.  They meet regularly to discuss and plan with committee members and help to develop fundraisers, educational activities and social events.

Important info to have on NYS PTA Code/unit 12-303/EIN: 90 0136122/National PTA | Code #00025138/We are the Northeastern Region

If you are interested, or would like to nominate someone, please complete the online nomination form.

OMS Executive Board Positions (2-year term, 2019-2021)

OMS PTA President Position Description

As president, you are seen as the communicator, the chief administrator of the PTA unit or council team. You are a person who is interested in your entire school community. You learn about basic parliamentary procedures so that you are comfortable leading the meetings. You make sure that only PTA members vote and that votes are only taken at official meetings. You show respect for the opinions of everyone and accept creative ideas willingly. Your primary role is to build and maintain a team of volunteers for your PTA.

  • Oversees and coordinates the work of an executive board to run a PTA effectively
  • Presides at PTA board and association meetings
  • Serves as the official contact, communicator and representative of a PTA
  • Designated as an authorized signer for PTA checks, contracts and authorizations for payment
  • Serves as ex-officio member of all committees except the nominating committee
  • Works with other PTA leaders to connect families, school and community to support student success
  • Manage overall objectives and strategies of PTA ( including fundraising objectives, events, etc)
  • Creates Agenda for all meetings and facilitates monthly PTA meetings, including summer planning meeting
  • Responsible for signing all contracts that are PTA related
  • You represent the PTA at meetings or other public speaking engagements
  • You are a cheerleader, a facilitator, a calming influence, an agent for communication, and someone who promotes understanding – a leader!

Important Timelines for President:

  • Feb: Select Nominating Committee with Executive Committee
  • March: Start reviewing committee chairs to find out vacancies for upcoming year
  • May: Ensure nominations happen for upcoming Executive committee positions; Work with membership chair to set up table for Intro to 6th grade and Back-to-School nights; Work with officers to plan the Committee Appreciation gifts for last meeting of the year; Send end of year email to committee heads with end-of-year form
  • May-June: Work with Treasurer to ensure following year insurance policy is in order and signed by July 1
  • June: Attend Calendar meeting. Send info to communications coordinator of
    updated PTA committees and program chairs contact info and dates throughout the year of all PTA events
  • May-August: Confirm Positions are filled. Submit the PTA page to the directory chair
  • June: Review at year end what is working and what is not; Send an email to OMS secretary to ensure board members and emails will be
    the same for the following year; Schedule the August Kick off meeting for PTA
  • July: Complete Officer info for new year on Memberhub (Former Form A; add officers and membership chair each year)
  • August: Send Welcome to New Year Email” to all committee chairs along with Plan of Work to prepare. Confirm with all program chairs that they are set for upcoming year.
  • Monthly: Send email to MS secretary the week before PTA meeting for announcements; Review bank statement, initial, scan and email to Treasurer and keep a copy in binder
  • Ongoing: Work with all committee chairs to ensure you review and sign all contracts with outside vendors and such; Encourage participation at meetings to have a quorum of 10 to vote on items; Groom Leader.

OMS PTA Vice-President Position Description:

The responsibilities of the Vice President focus on supporting the President in their many responsibilities throughout the school year.  As a ‘sounding board’ for ideas and thoughts, you are a trusted advisor for the President.  You may be called upon to run meetings so are required to understand the basic rules, regulations and procedures of the OMS PTA.  You will be responsible for working with the many different committee chairs to make sure events such as Rec Nights and magazine sales run smoothly and have adequate volunteers.  The Vice-President may also be called on to step in as Interim President if the elected President cannot continue in their role.

The vice president does the following: 

  • Presides at meetings in the absence of the president or upon the president’s inability to serve.
  • Assumes the duties of the president in the event of the president’s resignation until the position is filled in accordance with the bylaws.
  • Acts as aide to the president and assumes responsibility for duties assigned by the president.
  • Does not act as ex officio of any committee in the absence of the president.
  • Performs any other specific duties that may be provided for in the bylaws or procedures (standing rules). For example:
    • Coordinates the work of the chairmen.
    • Updates the PTA news, through the Social Media committee via social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram) and the PTA website.
    • Is responsible for completing and submitting award applications.
    • Coordinates attendance at region PTA workshops, conferences and trainings and New York State PTA Convention and Summer Leadership Conference.
    • Represents the president upon request.

Important Timelines for Vice-President:

  • June: Retrieve all red binders and maintain/organize for all committee heads (inclusive of the master binder) to ensure all information is up to date, collected and ready to go for new year.
  • August: Distribute red binders to incoming Committee Chairs and explain the importance of building on the previous year’s experience.
  • Monthly: Review what is happening within the month and be the liaison between the Executive Board the the Committee Chairs making sure they have sufficient volunteers to help with their events/programs.
  • Ongoing: Assist President, Secretary & Treasurer planning and organizing meetings; Work with Social Media committee to communicate events on PTA social media sites as well as the OMS PTA webpage; Assist with creating flyers for events that are visually appealing; Preside at meetings in absence of President; and Groom future PTA leaders.

OMS PTA Secretary Position Description

The secretary is responsible for keeping accurate records of the proceedings of the association. Responsibilities are, but not limited to:

  • Maintains an accurate record of PTA memberships as received from the membership chair or committee.
  • Records all business transacted at meetings of the association, executive board and executive committee and presents the minutes for approval at the next meeting of that governing body.
  • Has on hand for reference at each meeting a copy of the:
    • Approved bylaws and procedures (standing rules)
    • Agenda
    • Minutes of previous meetings, including treasurer’s reports
    • A list of unfinished business
    • A list of committees, chairmen and members
    • List of the membership
  • In consultation with and at the request of the president, assists in the preparation of a meeting agenda.
  • Sends email notifications such as; meeting reminders, meeting minutes, upcoming events, etc.
  • Reads and/or distributes printed copies of the minutes of any previous meeting for approval.
  • Counts a rising (standing) vote when requested by the presiding officer.
    Acts as custodian of all records, except those specifically assigned to others, and promptly delivers all records to successor.
  • Calls the meeting to order in the absence of the president and vice president(s).
  • Ensures that the unit bylaws remain up-to-date and renew the bylaws every three years.
  • Attends region and state PTA workshops and conferences for leadership training at PTA expense.
  • Notify President when unable to attend unit meeting.
  • Perform duties as assigned from time to time.
  • Meet at the call of the President or a majority of committee members.

Important Timelines for Secretary:

  • July: Checks to make sure bylaws are up to date
  • Monthly: Take Notes and distribute for each meeting. If not a quorum (the minimum number of members of an assembly or society that must be present at any of its meetings to make the proceedings of that meeting valid) then email minutes to board and committee chairs to vote
  • Monthly: Print Agenda for each meeting (approx 10, can use copier in library)
  • Monthly: Email a few days before the meeting to remind everyone to attend or submit their reports to you via email
  • Ongoing: Groom Leaders

If you are interested, or would like to nominate someone, please complete the online Google form.

OMS PTA Treasurer Position Description

Treasurer is authorized to handle all funds of the PTA, including receipts and disbursements, reconciliation of accounts and banking/business transactions related to the PTA account with the bank (Trustco). At monthly meetings, the
Treasurer updates the Board and meeting attendees with account balances, current transactions impacting those balances, and addresses needs for future Budget items. Throughout the school year, Treasurer is expected to
provide leadership with the Executive Board team on brainstorming, decision making, etc. all within the bylaws and support the PTA statement ‘Every Child, One Voice’.

Important Timelines for Treasurer:

  • July/August: Organize and set up Audit with Audit Committee; update Signature Cards at Trustco Bank with new Officer Names (or verify current Officers are continuing); budget preparation underway, for approval at September’s PTA meeting. Using info from previous school year, possibly history, of income and expense, goals met or not met, Committee Heads Plan of Work, etc., update PTA forms (Deposit, Check Request and Tax Exempt) and distribute Deposit and Check Request updates to Memberhub
  • September: Membership approves Budget at 1 st meeting, DJ deposits paid for Rec Nights – documents received from Rec Night Chairs w/contracts signed by them AND PTA President, Membership Dues collection this month, Address Building Use documents (if fees apply) for events with PTA President, See calendar for activities this month
  • October: First Membership payment due, via Memberhub, See calendar for activities this month
  • November: File Taxes 990 via Memberhub, See calendar for activities this month
  • December/January/February: Founder’s Day pins need to be ordered – contact Committee Chair for Founders Day Winners (will need this info to order pins, Rec Nights, See calendar for additional activities these months
  • March/April: PTA meeting, start addressing needs for next school year Budget and Board
  • May: Insurance payment due for next school year, Arts Festival, Staff Appreciation, Arts and Education payment to O’Rourke Middle School, Scholarship Committee, 8th Grade Event, See calendar for additional events, PTA meeting addresses requests for next school year
  • June: Final PTA meeting, Committee Chair appreciation gifts.
  • Ongoing responsibilities, but not limited to:
    • Treasurer report at monthly meetings
    • Monitor expenditures, recommend budget changes
    • Communication with Committee Chairs on event needs – cash boxes, check request needs
    • Consider PTA support on non-budgeted items
    • Attend conferences, convention as time and funds allow
    • Update Treasurer binder each month with minutes
    • Membership payments – via Memberhub
    • Checkbook reconciliations
    • Bank Statement monthly signature, by person outside of Executive Committee (Insurance Requirement)
    • Maintain yearly records of Income and Expense by Budget line item
    • Maintain forms (IE: Check request, Deposit). Distribute Tax Exempt form on request only.

Program Chair Openings

Several openings, including but not limited to, Fundraising, Social Media, Membership, Building Council. If you are interested or want more information, please contact President Kimberly Krizan or Secretary Brianne Doherty.