Athletic Game Spectators Must Have a Pass

We love that family, friends, and residents like to attend our athletic contest to support our student athletes. However, this year due to COVID-19, we’ve had to limit the amount of spectators to our facilities. Each team will be allowed to invite two spectators (per athlete on the team) to an event.

Did you know that if you want to catch a BH-BL athletic game you can sign up to view all of our home events on All athletic contests in the BH-BL HS gym or Centennial Field can be streamed on any tablet or device.

Spectators will be asked to fill out a Covid-19 Survey by using a QR code or if no smartphone we will have paper copies to fill out. Within the Covid-19 Survey we will be asking for names and phone numbers for contact tracing purposes.

Each spectator will be required to show their approved SSC badge to gain entrance into the facility.

Spectators on our turf field will be instructed to watch the event on one side of the field which will be opposite of the teams. For the second game (if back to back on the turf) we will have spectators on the opposite bleachers again across from the teams. This will help ensure the bleachers are cleaned for the spectators before each game and that varsity and JV teams will have their own benches for games. We do encourage spectators to bring their own chairs.

Spectators must maintain six feet of physical distance between individuals and/or family/household units at all times and all spectators must wear face coverings when they are in common areas and situations where six feet of distancing is not able to be maintained, so long as they are over the age of two and medically able to tolerate such covering.

To assist with entrance into our facility we are asking parents and teams to park and enter at the locations indicated on the map below:




Burnt Hills- Ballston Lake Protocols for Visiting Suburban Council Schools

Contact Information

  • Athletic Director- Joe Scalise 399-9141 ext. 83307
  • AD Assistant- Tricia Chevalier 399-9141 ext. 83307
  • Athletic Trainer- Lou Rende 399-9141 ext. 83307

Team Arrival

Above is a map of our facility outlining playing surfaces and parking locations when teams play at BH-BL. Soccer and Field Hockey teams will have access to the field 30 minutes before start time so do not arrive too early. Busses can park in the lot indicated on the map. Spectators and teams will enter the gate by the arrow indicating their entrance. We do not want teams arriving and entering at the wrong location.

All teams are expected to bring their own water and equipment with them (except tennis as we will provide balls) for all contests. Each team will be instructed by our chaperone to their benches which will be marked off with stickers indicating where team members can sit (indicating social distance of 6 feet per athlete). Any athlete that is on the sidelines but is unable to find a spot on the bench will either stand or sit on the ground while maintaining appropriate distancing and mask wearing. We encourage athletes to bring their own folding chairs to use on the sidelines. All swimmers will stand in the designated side of the pool where stickers will be placed 6 feet apart for athletes to ensure proper social distancing.

Bathrooms/Locker Rooms

The only accessible bathrooms will be on the back of our campus which are indicated on the map. These will be the bathrooms to use at all of our outdoor athletic events on campus. No athlete or parent will be allowed inside the school (except swimmers).

No visiting team will have access to any locker rooms in our school except for swimmers. All teams will enter by the designated location on the map and head right to their field. If we have an emergency situation (such as thunder/lightning) all visiting teams will be asked to report to their vehicles or busses until we are able to return to play.