BH-BL Summer Forum, June 26-July 27

BH-BL Summer Forum, June 26-July 27

Registration deadline May 25

Summer Forum is a program that provides children of all ability levels with enriching, hands-on experiences they will enjoy as they learn and explore. This is not a program of acceleration; rather it is one that broadens children’s experiences and expands their knowledge and capabilities.

This summer will feature four courses for children in grades K-6 as described below. Classes will meet at Pashley Elementary School, 30 Pashley Road, Glenville.

Because the courses are structured to promote cooperation among the students and to tap into the abilities of all, children will not be separated by grade or achievement level within each course. Students who participate in the program gain understanding of the topic studied, self-confidence, and greater ability to be productive members of a group.

Any child who would like to take a SUMMER FORUM course should complete the registration form and send it in quickly. Space in each course session is limited to 20 students and will be allotted on a first-come, first-served basis. The registration deadline is Friday, May 25. Confirming letters will be sent home with your child in June. (NOTE: If your child is also signing up for Summer Music through the Fine Arts Department, please select only a Session 2 SUMMER FORUM course.)

If students take two courses, a supervised snack time will be provided. Students should bring their own snacks.

This program is being conducted along with the regular Elementary Summer School. SUMMER FORUM should not be confused with Elementary Summer School, a reading and math program to which children are referred by their teacher to help them maintain their skills over the summer. No teacher referrals or recommendations are needed for SUMMER FORUM.


It is a fact of life that many families take  vacations during the summer. Missing up to  one week of SUMMER FORUM is acceptable (with the exception of Musical Theater where almost full attendance is required for the success of the production). However, if your child will miss more than one week, we recommend he or she not sign up.


Refunds are available through July 1. If for any reason you sign your child up for SUMMER FORUM and need a refund, please write to or to SUMMER FORUM c/o Anne Long, Charlton Heights Elementary School, 170 Stage Rd., Ballston Lake, NY 12019.

If your letter is received before July 1, your check will be returned by mail. If your letter is received after July 1, the checks will have been deposited, and you will need to wait several weeks for the business office to mail you a refund.

Summer Forum Courses

Arts & Crafts

Grades K-4: This course offers students a number of opportunities to create artistic masterpieces in the classroom! Students will experiment with painting, sculpting, creating mosaics, and beading among other activities. Students will study different artists and their techniques, then try them out for themselves. The course will give children many creative hands-on experiences. (Cost: There will be a $20 charge for supplies in addition to the $105 registration fee for this course.)  (Session 1 only.)

Musical Theater

Grades K-6: This course is for everyone who loves to sing, dance and act! This class will be for students in grades K-6, and will be offered twice—in both Session 1 and Session 2. Students will learn about the history of musical theater, explore experiences in theater production, and perform a musical on the school stage, which will include singing, dancing, and acting. (Cost: $105) (Session 1 or Session 2.)

The show will be held during the beginning half of the last week of Forum. Students should plan to attend each week and refrain from scheduling vacations during this class. After the show, attendance is optional.

Youth Challenge

Grades K-6: This course is for anyone who likes to get out there and have fun! Students will participate in a wide range of games and activities that encourage cooperation, problem solving, and teamwork. Games and activities will help students develop their sense of self esteem and confidence, discover their own unique strengths and talents, and develop leadership capabilities. At the end of the sessions, students will experience a group hike. (Cost: $105.)
(Session 1: Recommended for grades 3-6. Session 2: Recommended for grades K-4.)

Future Chefs

Grades K-6: Come join us on a culinary adventure as we cook our way around the globe and “ travel” to faraway lands via our taste buds. We will explore the history of different cultures through food, learn some geography along the way and practice etiquette from around the world. Our future chefs will learn how to read a recipe,measure ingredients and work as a team to make delicious food. We will tie in literature and games from the regions we study to help us understand the importance and origin of the foods we cook. The students will receive a recipe book of all the culinary creations we make during our time together. (Cost: There will be a $25 charge for supplies in addition to the $105 course registration fee.) (Session 1 or 2.)