Charlton Height’s Grade 4 School Supply List

Dear Families,

Welcome to fourth grade! We look forward to getting to know you this fall.  The following is a list of necessary supplies that your child will need this school year.  As the year progresses, you may need to supplement additional supplies that are easily consumable.  Please periodically check with your child to see how their supplies are holding up.

Grade 4 School Supply List

[Grade 4 Print-Friendly Supply List]

If you chose not to purchase the pre-packaged supply kit, please purchase all of the supplies on this page on your own.  Items in the pre-packaged kit include:

  • one 1-inch hardcover binder
  • marble composition notebook
  • one box of colored pencils
  • one box of expo markers (multicolored)
  • one pair of scissors
  • one large pencil pouch to keep supplies in desk (not a box)
  • one pair of headphones or earbuds in a sealable plastic bag labeled with your child’s name
  • six pocket folders – please get specific colors  (Plastic folders will last the whole year!)
    • Yellow
    • Blue
    • Green
    • Purple
    • Red
  • three boxes of yellow #2 pencils (Ticonderoga pencils sharpen the best.)
  • two large glue sticks
  • one full size box of tissues

Items needed in addition to the pre-purchased kit:

  • one 3 hole punched folder of your choice to use as a take home folder
  • one art smock (old, child-sized t-shirt in a ziploc bag labeled with child’s name)
  • one roll paper towels
  • BOYS – one package of baby wipes
  • GIRLS – one package of gallon-sized ziploc bags

Optional Donation

In fourth grade we begin our year with an exciting unit on birds!  Two years ago year, we got a bird feeder system so students can observe birds from our classrooms.  This year, we are in need of some food to attract these birds! We purchase our food from Wild Birds Unlimited in Wilton.  Our preferred foods are the NO-Mess NM in the 5 pound bag and any type of suet in plug form. We would love to collect some food at the beginning of the year to get our feeders started!

Summer Assignments

When fourth grade begins, students are expected to have a fluency in all math facts with a mastery of addition, subtraction and multiplication facts.  They will develop the mastery of division facts in fourth grade.  Basic fact knowledge will play a part in our math placement process.

Students should also be in the habit of reading at least 20 minutes daily.  Please read with your child frequently, daily if possible! Reading is the foundation of all subject areas.  Please also take opportunities to write with your child at least once a week. A few suggestions include: keeping journals and diaries, e-mailing friends, writing letters, and developing lists.

Have a great summer, and we look forward to an exciting year!


The Fourth Grade Team