Chromebook Insurance Available

O’Rourke Middle School is once again making a personal laptop device available to every student. All middle school students have been issued a Chromebook laptop to be used both at school and home for the 2020-2021 school year. With the changes we have faced the upkeep, protection, and maintenance of this device is extremely important. We are offering an optional low-cost protection plan to provide students with Accidental Damage and Loss/Theft Protection Coverage for their computer.

Regardless of whether a student has this optional insurance, any issues related to incidental hardware or software failure will be handled by the district and is covered under the computer’s warranty at NO cost to the student.

The District also understands that a reasonable amount of normal wear-and tear will occur over the course of the school year. The model of laptop chosen by the District Technology Committee is designed specifically for student use and is built to withstand the normal wear-and-tear of backpacks and travel between home and school. However, students are asked to be respectful of and careful with the loaned property in the same way that they would respect any other district property (i.e. textbooks, musical instruments, and sports equipment). As is the case with any district owned property, there is an expectation that the computer (and accessories) be returned to the district in good condition.

The BH-BL Protection plan will cover repair costs related to theft or accidental damage to the computer. Some scenarios that would be covered by the plan include:

  •  Chromebook is lost or stolen (must be reported within 24 hours);
  •  Chromebook is accidentally dropped and the outer casing is cracked;
  •  Accidental water damage. We have found that water / liquid damage to student Chromebooks is a particular issue. Even a small amount of liquid damage can effectively ruin these devices. We ask that students exercise extreme caution to avoid this type of damage.
  •  Computer screen is accidentally damaged;
  •  Keys on the keyboard are accidentally damaged.

This protection plan is not intended to protect against vandalism or damage caused by intentionally inappropriate use, storage, or treatment of the Chromebook. Students who intentionally damage the computer will be subject to discipline under the student Code of Conduct included in the student agenda and also online on the district’s website.

The intent is for each student to “own” their chromebook throughout the  entire time that they are in our school. Software is automatically updated throughout this period. We would expect that students care for and work to protect this investment to ensure its proper functioning over the expected lifetime.

The optional protection plan will cost $25 per year, payable by check to BH-BL CSD by Nov. 6, 2020. The family rate (which provides coverage for more than one student at the middle school) is $25 for the first device and $15 for each additional device.

Students may bring payment to the Middle School main office and a receipt will be issued. If a student has opted to purchase this insurance, the first incident in a given school year, up to and including full replacement, will be  covered free of charge. Each additional “repair” incident within the same school year will require payment of a $25 deductible. Each additional “full
replacement for lost or stolen” incident within the same school year will require payment of a $200 deductible. This is an annual plan. The plan does not cover loss of accessories such as a charger or stylus. These items are inexpensive and generic. They can be purchased online or in the main office.

Pricing Information

  • USB-C Charger Replacement: $49 (Students may also purchase a replacement charger on their own but it must be a 45W USB-C AC Adapter)
  •  Lenovo 500e 45W AC Adapter: Amazon $23.28 (+ shipping and tax)
  • Stylus Replacement: $15
  • Students may also purchase a replacement stylus on their own
    • HP x360 11 EMR Pen with Eraser HP Product #2EB40UT: $35 (+shipping and tax)
    • Lenovo 500e Chrome Pen Part number 4X80R08264: $24.99 (+shipping and tax)

If a student elects not to participate in this plan and their device is accidentally damaged, the BH-BL District IT Department will fix the machine as inexpensively as possible and the student will be responsible for the cost of the repair.

If a student elects not to participate in this plan and their device is lost, students will be responsible for pro-rated replacement cost of the device. As of September 2020, this cost would be approximately $325.

Some funding exists for families unable to afford the Accidental Damage and Theft Protection coverage, please contact Mrs. Wolff directly at for additional information.