Class of 2023 Candle Fundraiser, Order by Oct. 8

Eco Scents Candles Are $10 & Sales Benefit the Class of 2023

Ordering Deadline is Oct. 8

Please consider helping the BH-BL Class of 2023 with their fundraising efforts that help support the cost of class-related events and activities for this year and next year, their senior year!

Eco Scents candles can be purchased from any member of the class of 2023 (juniors) or can be emailed to Class of 2023 Advisors Sarah Weed or Nicole Passante. Each candle is 9.6 ounces and costs $10.

Eco-Scents Candle Scents

  • Apple Cinnamon: The aroma of a red, juicy MacIntosh apple, sprinkled with fresh ground cinnamon sticks.
  • Autumn Leaves: Freshly fallen leaves and woodsy, early scent the evokes warmth and coziness.
  • Balsam & Cedar: Woody blend of pine, eucalyptus, cedar and sweet balsam.
  • Black Cherry: Robust & delightful tart black cherry.
  • Cinnamon Buns: Spicy cinnamon with warm nutty undertones and fresh pastry.
  • Cucumber Melon: Cucumber and dep, green oily note with hints of violet and a background of sweet, freshly sliced honeydew melon.
  • Fresh Brewed Coffee: The eye-opening aroma of fresh brewed Arabica coffee beans with a touch of vanilla.
  • Gummy Bears: A childhood favorite, the essence of chewy gummy candy bursting with fruity goodness.
  • Hot Apple Pie: Just like a hot apple pie cooling in the window. A Best Seller!
  • Italian Biscotti: Crispy almond twice-baked cookies with notes of vanilla and dark chocolate.
  • Lavender Flowers: Classic lavender bouquet with a fresh opening of lemon and sweet orange blossoms.
  • Lilac Flowers: You will not find a closer match to the real thing!
  • McIntosh Apple: The aroma of crips, juicy, sweet & sour McIntosh Apples.
  • Mango & Mandarin: The refreshing aroma of freshly sliced mandarins and tangerines on a bed of diced ripe mango.
  • Mountain Retreat: Crisp citrus notes intertwining with an abundance of warm winter spices of cloves and cinnamon sitting on a dry down of sweet vanilla.
  • Ocean Mist: Complex bouquet of carnations, lily of the valley and hyacinth, underlined by oakmoss and white musk.
  • Plumeria: Hawaiian plumeria flowers with lovely free notes. Truly the fragrance of the islands.
  • Sage & Citrus: Wonderful aroma of mandarin, tangerine, ruby red grapefruit and lemon rinds with fresh sage leaves.
  • Sun Ripened Raspberry: A classic! The perfect blend of sweet berries and sheet sunlight.
  • Sweet Pea: An English garden of hyacinth, lily of hte valley, violets and wild jasmine with a background of light herbal notes.
  • Vanilla Bean: The sweet, sugary aroma of fresh vanilla beans.

Why Eco-Scents?

Our candles are hand-poured in small batches to ensure that they have a good, strong scent from start to finish. All supplies are purchased from US companies. Our wax, wicks and fragrances are all manufactured in the United States. Wicks are cotton with a paper core and all scents are Phthalate-free and Nitro Musk free.

Why Buy Soy?

Soy wax is a favorite of environmentally conscious consumers. Soy candles last 50% longer than candles made of petroleum-based paraffin, the ingredients found in most retail candles. They also burn slower and cooler, are non-toxic, and less likely to trigger allergies. Spills can be cleaned up with soap  and water, and soy candles produce very little to no black soot. These factors tend to make them ore animal and child-friendly than traditional candles. Made from American-grown soybeans, the wax is biodegradable, a renewable resource, a d from a global point of view, it supports the US economy and US farmers instead of foreign oil conglomerates.