Assistant Superintendent for Support Services Contract

Assistant Superintendent for  Support Services

2018-2021 Contract
















THIS AGREEMENT, ​ made this 25th day of June 2018, by and between​ THE BOARD OF EDUCATION OF THE BURNT HILLS-BALLSTON LAKE CENTRAL SCHOOL DISTRICT (hereafter “Board”), and ​ CHRISTOPHER G. ABDOO​, Assistant Superintendent for Support Services (hereafter “Abdoo”).

On September 10, 2012, and upon the recommendation of the Superintendent of Schools, Abdoo was appointed to the position of Assistant Superintendent for Support Services by the Board for a probationary period of three (3) years.  This Agreement is subject to the terms of Education Law Section 3012(1)(b) regarding such appointment.


Section 1: Responsibilities of the Assistant Superintendent for Support Services

The Assistant Superintendent, under the supervision of the Superintendent of Schools, shall assist in directing and coordinating the planning, operation, and evaluation of the educational program in the Burnt Hills-Ballston Lake Central School District (hereafter “District”) as well as direct the operations and facilities of the School District (See Job Description attached as “Appendix A”.)

Section 2: Amendments to Responsibilities

Any changes to the job description referenced herein will be discussed with Abdoo and the Superintendent of Schools prior to implementation.


Section 1: Work Year 

The work year for Abdoo shall be 245 days per school year.

Section 2:  Leave Time

Abdoo shall annually be credited on July 1 with thirty (30) non-cumulative leave days (Flex Days) to be used for vacation, sick, personal and/or bereavement purposes.   Upon request of Abdoo and the Board’s approval, Abdoo may defer up to ten (10) unused leave days to the next succeeding school year.


Section 1: Salary

Abdoo’s salary will be $141,521 for the 2018-2019 school year.  The salary will increase to $146,192 for the 2019-2020 school year and to $151,016 for the 2020-2021 school year.

Section 2: Earned Doctorate Entitlement

In the event Abdoo shall obtain an earned doctorate degree in any field of education, his compensation will be increased by the sum of $1,250 annually to the salary set forth in Article III Section 1. If an earned doctorate is obtained during the course of a school year, this compensation will be prorated for the remainder of the school year and increase to $1,250 in the following school year.

Section 3: Flexible Benefits Plan

The District offers a flexible benefits plan as permitted by Section 125 of the Internal Revenue Code.  The plan will permit salary deductions for Abdoo’s share of health insurance costs and for dependent care prior to taking deductions for FICA, State and Federal income tax.  This plan requires a minimum annual dependent care contribution of $1,000.00.

Section 4: Indemnification

The District shall provide indemnification to Abdoo in accordance with Sections 3811 and 3023 of the New York State Education Law.  This indemnification applies while Abdoo is performing his duties within the scope of his employment.  Pursuant to Section 3811 of the Education Law, Abdoo must notify the Board, in writing, of the commencement of any proceeding against him within five (5) calendar days after service of process.  Under Section 3023 of the Education Law, Abdoo must deliver a copy of a Summons and Complaint, demand or notice to the Board within ten (10) calendar days of the date the document is served on him.  Delivery to the Board shall be to the Clerk or Deputy Clerk of the Board.

Section 5: Professional Organization Dues

The District will directly pay for two professional organizations of Abdoo’s choice.  Annual payment will not exceed the sum of $800.00.

Section 6: Coursework Reimbursement

Abdoo is entitled to reimbursement, for coursework necessary to maintain required New York State certifications.  In addition, for university course work approved by the Superintendent of Schools, tuition shall also be reimbursed

Section 7: Life Insurance  

The District agrees to reimburse Abdoo for a life insurance policy of his choice, with the amount of such reimbursement to be no greater than $1,000.00 per year.  Abdoo shall submit documentation of such life insurance policy to the District in order to receive such reimbursement.

Section 8: Long Term Disability Insurance  

The District agrees to reimburse Abdoo for a long term disability insurance policy of his choice, with the amount of such reimbursement to be no greater than $1,500.00 per year. Abdoo shall submit documentation of such disability insurance policy to the District in order to receive such reimbursement.

Section 9: Non-elective 403(b) Payment

On June 30th of each year covered by this contract, the Board shall make a non-elective tax-deferred annuity payment to the Assistant Superintendent for Support Services tax-deferred annuity account in the amount of $1,250.


Section 1: Disability

During the term of this Agreement or any extension hereto, if Abdoo is unable to render the services required of him hereunder by reason of sickness or other disability for a period of time extending beyond Abdoo’s leave entitlement described in Article III, Section 2, Abdoo shall be granted an extended leave for an additional period of time, with compensation, for up to a total maximum period of six (6) months, which shall include the number of days of eligible leave time herein described.

Section 2: Definition of Family

The following will be considered family:

  1. Husband, wife, children and other related members of the employee’s immediate household.
  2. Father, mother.
  3. Sister, brother, sister-in-law, brother-in-law.
  4. Grandfather, grandmother, including in-laws.
  5. Father-in-law, mother-in-law.
  6. A person with whom the employee lived for a period of time as part of the household and to whom the employee looked as a parent-in-fact.
  7. Aunt, uncle, step-father, step-mother, son-in-law, daughter-in-law.
  8. Niece and nephew

Section 2: Special Family Circumstances

Under Article II, Section 2 of this Agreement, in situations where death or critical illness in the family of Abdoo may occur more than once during a single school year, the Superintendent may grant Abdoo an additional four (4) days beyond the leave days specified in such provision.

Section 3: Workers’ Compensation

In any Workers’ Compensation case there will be no loss of flex days to Abdoo, and the Board will pay the difference between the Workers’ Compensation payment and Abdoo’s salary for a time period of up to 15 calendar months.

If Abdoo is approved for a Workers’ Compensation award, he will be permitted to participate in the health, dental, and prescription drug insurance program of the District (80/20 family, 90/10 individual) for up to a maximum of 15 months from the beginning date of the award.  If Abdoo continues on Workers’ Compensation beyond fifteen (15) months, the District health insurance premium will be shared by Abdoo on a 50/50 basis during the remaining time of the Workers’ Compensation award.

Section 4: Leaves for Legal Business

  1. Temporary leave with full pay will be granted to Abdoo if attendance is required at School District related PERB hearings, court hearings, legislative hearings and other non-compensated legal proceedings, providing such requirement is not the result of a violation of Section 210 of the Civil Service Law.
  2. In the event Abdoo is summoned for jury duty and a request by Abdoo to be excused from such jury duty is denied, the District will pay Abdoo’s daily salary during the term of the jury duty service.

Section 5: Sabbatical Leave

  1. Once Abdoo has served five (5) consecutive years in the Burnt Hills-Ballston Lake School District, he may, upon the recommendation of the Superintendent of Schools and approval of the Board, be granted a sabbatical leave for study or other purposes benefiting the School District and contributing to the professional growth of Abdoo in the capacity in which he is employed.
  2. A sabbatical may be granted for a full year or a half year.  Compensation will be granted at the rate of half-pay for a full year leave or quarter-pay for a half year leave.  Payment to Abdoo will be pro-rated and will follow the regular payroll schedule during the leave of absence.  Payments will be based upon the salary Abdoo would have been receiving during the leave.
  3. Application for sabbatical leave should be submitted to the Superintendent’s office not later than March 1 preceding the school year of the leave.
  4. The District’s standard application form shall be used and complete explanation provided on the application form concerning the following questions:
    1. Purpose of request
    2. Activities anticipated
    3. Professional benefits to applicant
    4. Educational benefits to the school district
    5. Anticipated compensation beyond the sabbatical pay allowance
    6. An interview may be requested to provide further information concerning the request
  5. Abdoo will be required to indicate in a contract document prepared by the District, of his intention to return to the District for two (2) full years of continuous employment following the sabbatical leave. 

If such obligation is not fulfilled by Abdoo, Abdoo will refund to the District the full amount received for the leave or an amount pro-rated for any fractional part of the two (2) school years during which the obligation was not fulfilled.  Such obligation will be repaid in no more than sixty (60) equal, consecutive monthly payments, although Abdoo may specify a schedule that will permit a more rapid repayment.

Section 6: Family Care Leave

  1. A leave of absence for family care will be granted up to a total of two (2) school years. Requests for leave should indicate that the termination of the leave period will occur at either the reporting period closest to the middle of the school year or at the end of the school year.  The Board may consider a subsequent request made by Abdoo to return to employment prior to the originally approved termination date, provided there is a vacancy for which the professional is qualified.
  2. Request for such leave should be made at least 60 days before the date that the requested leave is to begin.  The Board may allow, under emergency circumstances, a shorter notice period. 
  3. A family care leave will be subject to all provisions of the Family and Medical Leave Act of 1993, as amended.

Section 7: Notice of Return from Leave

A scheduled leave return to occur at the beginning of the school year must be communicated to the Personnel Office, in writing, by April 1 preceding the July return date.  A scheduled return at the beginning of the school year second semester must include notification to the Personnel Office, in writing, by November 15 preceding the return date regarding the intention to return.

Section 8: Leaves of Absence

Unpaid leave for up to two (2) years may be granted in compliance with Board policy.  A written request by Abdoo is required at least four (4) months prior to the beginning of such leave.


  1. The School District will provide the following health insurance coverage during the life of this agreement:
    1. Hospitalization, doctor and major medical insurance better than or equal to the BlueShield 815 PPO plan in effect during the 2018-2019 school year.
    2. Dental insurance coverage including x-ray, preventative, restorative, prosthetic, and orthodontic services better than or equal to the attached ​ Delta Dental Plan​ (Appendix B). 

      The School District’s contribution toward Abdoo’s premium for both hospitalization and dental coverages will be: Single membership – 90%;  Family or two-person membership – 75%; or Retired membership – 75% of individual, 2 person or family premium. Abdoo shall have completed eight (8) years of service to the District to be eligible for the health insurance retirement benefit. 

  2. Abdoo shall have the option to buy out of health insurance coverage as long as he and/or his family continue to obtain health insurance coverage elsewhere.  The buyout conditions will be as follows:
    1. For opting out of the family or individual health insurance plans of the District, the District agrees to share the premium savings on the portion of the insurance plan that the District would otherwise be obligated to pay, in an amount equal to 35% of the District’s share of the family premium of the health insurance plan known as Blue Shield 815 Plan. This payment will be made to Abdoo during the month of July for each of the three (3) years of this Agreement.
    2. Abdoo may rejoin the District health insurance program, with no waiting period, and with no policy exclusion based on pre-existing conditions, in the event any of the following shall occur:  1.  Death of Abdoo’s spouse. 2.  Divorce from Abdoo’s spouse (if she is providing the family health insurance). 3.  Loss of Abdoo’s spouse’s coverage for any other reason. 

      In the event that Abdoo elects to rejoin the program at any other time, he will be limited to rejoining the District’s plan during the window periods as determined by the Plan Administrator.

    3. Nothing in this provision shall preclude Abdoo from rejoining the District’s health insurance program and continuing such health insurance benefits into retirement in the same manner as if Abdoo had maintained active status in the District health insurance plan for the period in which he elected to opt out of coverage.


  1. Purpose: It is the desired objective of the parties to encourage the prompt and informal resolution of employee complaints as they arise, and to provide recourse to orderly procedure for the satisfaction of grievances.
  2. Definitions:
    1. A “grievance” shall mean any claim by a member of the negotiating unit of a violation, misinterpretation or inequitable application of the terms of this agreement, or any policy or administrative regulation of the Board. “Policy” or “administrative regulation” means those Board-adopted policies or regulations that appear in the Board Policy Book. 
    2. “Days” shall mean school days as designated on the current school calendar. 
  3. Procedure: Level l: A grievance will first be discussed with the Superintendent with the objective of resolving the matter informally, at which time the aggrieved person may:
    1. Discuss the grievance personally, or
    2. Request the other Assistant Superintendent to accompany her/him, or,
    3. If the grievance is not resolved informally, the grievant shall present a written statement of grievance and the relief desired to the Superintendent.

Failure to present a written statement of grievance within thirty (30) days after the occurrence of the claimed grievable event, shall result in a waiver of all rights involved.

Within ten (10) days of the presentation day of the written statement of grievance the Superintendent shall make a decision and communicate the decision and reasons therefore in writing to the employee presenting the grievance.

Only grievances which involve the interpretation of, or application of, or compliance with, specific provisions of this agreement may be pursued beyond Level 1 of this grievance procedure. 

Level 2:  

If the aggrieved employee is not satisfied with the decision arrived at under Level 1, and the alleged grievance claims a violation, misinterpretation or inequitable application of the terms of this agreement, he/she may within twenty (20) days file with the Superintendent an appeal in writing, on forms supplied by the district, requesting his/her grievance be submitted to the Board of Education.  Such request shall include, among other things, specification of what section of this agreement has been violated, a statement of why the determination on Level 1 was unsatisfactory, and the relief that the grieving party desires.

The Superintendent of Schools shall within ten (10) days after receipt of the appeal arrange for a hearing of the grievance by the members of the Board of Education.  The President of the Board of Education, or a designee, will act as the hearing officer.  The members of the Board shall meet with the employee, the other Assistant Superintendent if the employee desires, the Superintendent of Schools, and any other parties directly involved in the grievance in question.  All hearings held shall be in closed sessions.  Such hearing shall be an attempt to resolve the grievance.  Within ten (10) days after such a hearing the President of the Board of Education, or a designee, shall make a decision in writing regarding the grievance and set forth the reason for such a conclusion.  A copy of such decision shall be given to the employee and the Superintendent of Schools.  The decision shall be final and binding on all the parties.

Level 3:

If the grievance is unresolved at Level 2 within thirty (30) calendar days, the aggrieved administrator may exercise the option to request binding arbitration by filing a demand with the Public Employees Relations Board (PERB) in accordance with such Board’s rules and procedures.  The cost of such arbitration shall be shared equally between the Board of Education and the aggrieved administrator.  The arbiter’s decision shall be confined solely to the language and terms of this agreement.  The decision of the arbiter within the scope of his authority shall be final and binding upon all parties.


The terms and conditions as set forth in this Agreement will continue beyond the termination date as set forth in Article IX – Duration.  In the event the parties have not entered into a successor Agreement, the salary provisions as set forth in Article III will be continued until such time as a successor Agreement is signed by the parties.


A retiring Assistant Superintendent with ten years of service to the Burnt Hills-Ballston Lake Central School District shall receive a retirement termination increment of $12,500. This payment shall be made at the time of retirement.  To receive this increment and benefit, an administrator must submit a resignation for retirement purposes, in writing, to the Superintendent of Schools by January 1 in the year the administrator intends to retire.  In addition, this written resignation must be received at least six (6) months prior to the effective date of retirement, which must occur by no later than June 30 of the retirement year.  Any other arrangement must be mutually agreed upon between the retiring administrator and the Superintendent.  The termination increment will be deposited into a 403b account for the retiring administrator within 60 days following the date of retirement.


This contract shall be in effect for the period July 1, 2018 through June 30, 2021.  Negotiations for a successor contract shall commence no later than February 1, 2021.  Upon a request by either party for a meeting to open negotiations, a mutually acceptable date shall be set not more than 15 days following such a request.


In the event any portion or portions of this Agreement shall be found to be unlawful, only those portions so found shall be null and void and the remainder of the contract shall remain in full force and effect.


This document constitutes the entire agreement between the parties regarding the terms and conditions of employment of Christopher G. Abdoo with the Burnt Hills-Ballston Lake Central School District.



OBJECTIVE: To support the educational program through the prudent management of fiscal resources and the coordination of non-instructional operations.

SCOPE: The Assistant Superintendent for Support Services is responsible to the Superintendent of Schools in the following areas:

  1. Non-instructional personnel supervisor
  2. Operation and maintenance of plant
  3. School lunch program
  4. Transportation program
  5. Accounting and payroll operations
  6. Purchasing operations
  7. Participation in negotiations
  8. Long & short range financial planning
  9. School environment safety​, ​insurance, and risk management
  10. Community use of facilities
  11. Oversight of construction & renovation
  12. Financial reporting
  13. Other responsibilities

RESPONSIBILITIES: The Assistant Superintendent for Support Services is responsible for the following activities and their associated personnel:

  1. Non-instructional personnel: With the assistance of the Director of Facilities, the School Lunch Manager, the Supervisor of Transportation, the Director of Safety & Security, the Director of Human Resources and the School Business Administrator, the Assistant Superintendent for Support Services is responsible for the non- instructional personnel activities listed below for staff in those areas.
    1. Participates in selecting and recommending employment and classification of Civil Service personnel to the Superintendent of Schools. 
    2. Collaborates with Director of Human Resources and school attorney on matters relating to civil service grievances and formal disciplinary action. 
    3. Supervises and evaluates the performance of civil service employees. 
  2. Operation and maintenance of plant: The Director of Facilities reports to the Assistant Superintendent for Support Services relating to all activities associated with the coordination of this function including staffing levels, supply, utilities, maintenance and new facilities. 
  3. School Lunch Program: The School Lunch Manager reports to the Assistant Superintendent for Support Services with respect to all activities of the program including staffing levels, supply, finance, maintenance and other related activities. 
  4. Transportation program: The Supervisor of Transportation reports to the Assistant Superintendent for Support Services regarding the operation, maintenance, and safety of all transportation equipment and related activities concerning personnel, facilities, purchasing​, ​district policy, and budget development. 
  5. Safety & Security Program: The Director of Safety & Security reports to the Assistant Superintendent for Support Services with respect to all activities of the program including staffing levels, supply, finance, maintenance and other related activities. 
  6. Accounting and payroll functions: These activities are primarily managed by the School Business Administrator who reports to the Assistant Superintendent for Support Services. Duties include all fund accounting operations, payroll, accounts payable and other related activities. In addition, the Assistant Superintendent for Support Services compiles the school budget and monitors its expenditure after adoption. The Superintendent of Schools and Board of Education will receive revenue and expenditure estimates upon request. 
  7. Purchasing operations: The Assistant Superintendent for Support Services and the School Business Administrator are designated as purchasing agents for the district and are responsible for all functions of purchase including the coordination of inputs from other personnel acting in an advisory capacity. Included in these activities are the appropriate use of direct purchases, quotations, bids, and the use of State contracts. 
  8. Negotiations: The Assistant Superintendent for Support Services participates in the negotiation of teacher, administrator, operations management, and Civil Service contracts. This responsibility includes research and statistical back-up as required for such activities. 
  9. Oversight of construction & renovation: Provides oversight for 
    1. construction planning activities including recommendation for architect, engineering, and construction management activities; 
    2. arranges legal and financial advisory service to assure appropriate bonding and debt service planning that meets Education Department and municipal requirements. 
  10. Financial reporting: Provides oversight for the School Business Administrator regarding expenditure reporting in 
    1. expenditure reporting in compliance with NYS Education Department and NYS Department of Audit & Control; 
    2. preparation of information for district’s independent auditor;   
    3. preparation of annual state aid claims and monitoring of education department review and approval of such claims. 
  11. Other responsibilities:  In addition to those activities listed above and any others as directed by the Superintendent, the Assistant Superintendent for Support Services is responsible for the function of information processing included in the above activities and also those of census and attendance and tax collection. Also included is the responsibility for the district insurance programs. 

Appendix B – Dental Plan

Delta Dental Enhanced PlaN