Activity Bus Routes

2019-2020 School Year

Fifteen after -school buses leave the middle and high schools between 3:45 and  4 p.m. on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays.

Dates: September 17, 2019 – June 18, 2020

Bus Route Numbers/Bus/Driver/Route Details

Route 1:  MS THEN HS Drops off on Kingsbury, Paradowski, Hetcheltown, Birch, Willow, Eltinge, Pashley,Ralmar, Eltinge, Saratoga Dr., Sutherland.

Route 2: HS THEN MS  Drops off on Scotchbush (Lakehill to Jenkins), Jenkins (Scotchbush to Sweetman), Sweetman, Shadick, Root, Rte. 67 (Amsterdam Rd.,) Hop City, Charlton Rd. (Hop City to Middleline).

Route 3: HS THEN MS   Drops off on Goode (from Forest to Devils Lane), Devils Ln., Middle Line (from Mann Rd. to Rte. 50),  Randall, Charlton Rd. (Middleline to Rte. 50), Brookline.

Route 4: MS THEN HS   Drops off on Kingsley, Blue Barns, Bradt, Ashdown (from Blue Barns to Schauber ), Ballston Lake Rd. (Ashdown  Rd. to MacElroy), Waite, Eastside, Schauber (Ashdown to Ballston Lake Rd.), Main St. (Eastside to Westside Dr.).

Route 5:  HS THEN MS  Drops off on Lakehill at Seelye Dr. &  (from Townley to Midline) including Buell Hts., Main St., Westside Dr, Ballston  Lake Rd. to Ashdown Rd., Schauber (East of Ashdown Rd.), Hatlee, Benedict, Lake, Diamond, Sweet, Outlet.

Route 6: HS THEN MS  Drops off on Goode St. (Lakehill to Jenkins) Jenkins (from Goode to Scotchbush), Scotchbush (from Jenkins to Charlton Rd.), Charlton Rd. (from Scotchbush to Peaceable), Peaceable (from Charlton Rd. to District line), Rte. 67 (from Peaceable to Maple), Featherbed, Maple, Stage (from Charlton Rd. to Vines).

Route 7: HS THEN MS   Drops off on Lavant Ln.,Van Vorst, Sheldon Dr., Charlton Rd. (from Van Vorst to Charlton Hts.), Kendall Place, Wheeler, Clifford, Cloverleaf, Rosemere, Roslyn, Charlton Road to Rt. 50, Gleason, Woodside, Aleda, Droms Rd. Ext., Heckler.

Route 8: HS THEN MS  Drops off, MS Drops off on Stage (from Lakehill Rd. to Charlton Hts.), Little Troy Ln, Maplewood, Imperial, Beechwood, Cornelia, Cortland, Hawley, Callaghan, Crooked, Swaggertown (from Crooked to Seth Ln.).  Then Swaggertown (from Seth Ln to Charlton Rd.), Newman, Crane, Dawson, Charlton (from Jockey St. to Dist. Line).

Route 9: MS THEN HS Drops off on Kingsley (Rte. 50 to Lakehill), Lakehill (from Kingsley to Rte 50), High Mills, Velina, Yolanda, Rte 50 (Lakehill to Pashley Rd.), Sandalwood, Drott, Fredericks, Kile.

Route 10: MS THEN HS   Drops off on Rte. 50, (Pashley Rd. to Van Buren), Includes Edmel, Woodruff, Sheffield, Van Buren (Rte. 50 to Evergreen), Evergreen, Lillian, Jennifer, Glenridge to District Line, Rte. 50 (Van Buren to Pashley),  Maybrook, /Glenbrook, Willowbrook, Witbeck, Stottle, Glendale, Wilson.

Route 11: HS THEN MS Drops off on Lakehill (from Route 50 to Vines), Vines, Swaggertown (from Vines to Village), Jockey, Packer, Eastern, Division, Cook, Charlton (from Swaggertown to Valentine), Valentine.

Route 12: MS THEN HS  Drops off on Rte 50 Eastside (from Lakehill to Brookline), includes corners side roads on Rte. 50, Everson Way, Sherman Way, Mourningkill,Silo Pointe Way, Independence Trail, Westside of Rte. 50 (Brookline to Lakehill).

Route 13: HS THEN MS   Drops off on  Droms Rd. for: Dawn, YMCA,  Bellaire, Montclair, Droms Rd., Swaggertown, (Spring to Van Buren), Country Fair, Onderdonk, Baldwin, Spring, Lokik, Arcadian, Olde Coach, Homestead.

Route 14: MS THEN HS   Drops off  Lawmar, Townley, Ramble, Mott, LongCreek, Davids Ln, Garrison,  Forest Rd. , Parkwood, Wendy, Midline (from Rte. 50 to Lakehill) at Corners: Nolan Rd, Larkin, Gartner, Howard, Charles, Edward, William.

Route 15: Bus @ accommodations for students for   High School and Middle School.

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