Charlton Heights Elementary School Bus Routes

2019-2020 School Year

Rose Bus

Leaves 7:45, picks up Goode, Vienna Ct., Stewart Ct., Skaarland, Beechwood Dr., Marlyn, Forest (Goode to Parkwood), David’s, Fruitwood Dr., Vanvorst Dr., Miller Ct., Woodside, Orchard Terrace, Conifer, Edgewood, Sherwood Lane, Jenkins.

Panda Bus

Leaves 7:49, picks up Lakehill (from Middle School to Scotchbush), Scotchbush, Silver, Evergreen, Nates Court, Kelly Meadow, Countryside Court, High Mills (north of Yolanda), Velina, Sandstone, Yolanda, Lakehill (from Scotchbush to Valentine).

Rooster Bus

Leaves 7:42, picks up Droms Rd., Swaggertown (from Country Fair Ln. to Van Buren), Griffiths, Baldwin, Lolik, Olde Coach, Wagon Wheel, Arcadian, Spring Rd., Homestead, Hillock, Onderdonk, YMCA.

Rabbit Bus

Leaves 7:44, picks up  Deer Run, Cosgrove Dr., Gideon Trace, Newman, Saddlebrook, Pinehollow Ct., Swaggertown (from Crooked to Country Fair Ln), Snakehill, Country Fair, Beverly, Oakridge, Schlensker, Crooked St. (Swaggertown to Stage Rd).

Flower Bus

Leaves 7:43, picks up Jockey (from village to Eastern), Eastern, Division, Cook, Charlton Rd. (odd #’s from Division to Swaggertown), Swaggertown (from village to Crooked St.).

Apple Bus

Leaves 7:38, Peaceable(north of Rte. 67), Jockey (Eastern to district line), Route 67 (from Maple to Finley), Finley, Sweetman (North of Rte. 67), Featherbed, Packer, Charlton (from Swaggertown to district line), Crane, Goldfoot, Dawson.

Bike Bus

Leaves 7:43, picks up Sweetman (north of Charlton to Rte. 67), Shadick, Lasher, Hop City, Root, Charlton Rd. (from Hop City to Sweetman), Valentine, Kendall Place, Wheeler, Berchman, Clifford, Hillandale, Wyndon.

Sneaker Bus

Leave 7:43, picks up Peaceable (from Charlton Rd. to Rte. 67), Maple, Komar, Maplewood, Martin, DeGraff, Imperial, Redwood, Crestwood, Sequoia, McNamara, Beechwood Ave.

Dolphin Bus

Leaves 7:46, picks up Everson, Jovan Ct., Sherman Way, Meadowbrook Court, Charlton Rd. (from Rt. 50 to Scotchbush), Sweetman (south of Charlton Rd.).

Key Bus

Leaves 7:43, picks up Charlton Rd.,(from Sweetman to Swaggertown), Vines, Cherry, Crawford, Oak, Meadowbrook, Stage (from village to Valentine), Edwin, Hickory Ridge, Florence, Old Stage, Stage (from Lakehill to Charlton Heights Elementary), Little Troy Lane, Cortland, Cornelia, Hawley, Marvin, Callaghan.

Tree Bus

Leaves 7:55, picks up Lakehill (from Middle School to Route 50), Route 50 (Lakehill to High Mills), High Mills (south of Yolanda), Lavant, Van Vorst Rd., Sheldon Drive, Bellaire, Catalina Dr., Montclair, Hemlock, Dawn, Rosemere, Cloverleaf, Roslyn, Heather Ln., Devonshire Ln., Charlton Rd. (from Van Vorst to school).

Students with Accommodations: Clock and Sunshine

Updated 8/6/2019