Stevens Elementary School Bus Routes

2019-2020 School Year

Pencil Bus

Leaves 7:45, Saunders Rd., Independence Trail, American Way, Spring Circle, Mohican Pass, Meadowbrook Ct., Outlet, Powers, Kingsbridge Ct., Lake Rd. (from Outlet to Sweet), Schauber Rd (Lake Rd to Eastside Dr – even Hse #’s), France Ln.

Car Bus

Leaves 7:45, picks up Sherwood, Goode (from Lakehill to Jenkins), Van Vorst, Conifer, Edgewood, Scotchbush (from Lakehill to Evergreen), Silver, Rosehill, Lavant, Chauncy Ct., Lakehill (West of High Mills) High Mills, Velina, Sandstone, Kevin, Hollywood, Nicholas, Yolanda.

Airplane Bus

Leaves 7:48, picks up Route 50 (from Kingsley to Brookline east side), Larkin, Whites Beach, Saunders Lane, Connolly, Everson Way, Jovan Ct., Sherman Way, Charlton Rd. (from Route 50 to Hop City), Wakeman, Littles, Route 50 (west side from Brookline to Lakehill), Kingsley (Route 50 to Lakehill).

Frog Bus

Leaves 7:50, picks up Old Schauber, Eastside, Schauber (between Old Schauber and Main Street), Westside, Buell, Charles, Howard, Lakehill (from 146A to school), Midline, Nolan.

Music Note Bus

Leaves 7:55, picks up  Lakehill (Lawmar to Rte. 50), Seelye, Rte. 50 (Lakehill to Kingsbury Rd. & Mapleleaf Daycare), Kingsbury, Kingsley (Council Ln. to Blue Barns),  Lefferts Way, Long Creek, Hollister, Ramble, Mott, Lawmar, Townley, Lakehill (Lawmar to Stevens School).

Duck Bus

Leaves 7:49, picks up Middleline (East side Rte. 50 to district line), Brookline, Mourningkill Dr., Silo Pointe Way,  Devils Lane (from Middleline to Goode), Silver Springs, Goode St. (north of Devils Lane), Randall, Middleline (West side to Rte. 50).

Smile Face Bus

Leaves 7:46, picks up Evergreen, Scotchbush (from Evergreen to Charlton), Kelly Meadow, Hop City, Devils (from Hop City to Goode), Goode (from Devils Ln. to Marlyn), Vienna, Carriage Run,  Stewart, Skaarland, Jenkins (from Goode to Scotchbush), Lakehill (from Scotchbush to Rte. 50).

Boat Bus

Leaves 7:42, picks up Ashdown (from Route 146A to Schauber), Schauber (Odd Hse #’s from Ashdown to Lake Rd), Lake (from Schauber to Sweet), Sweet, Diamond, Round Lake (from Benedict to Lake Rd), Sharon Ln.,  Benedict, MacKenna Ct., Aysimac Ct., Hubbs, Hunter Hill, Gartner, North, Phillips, Palmer, Buell.

Bell Bus

Leaves 7:47, picks up Kingsley (from Lakehill to Blue Barns), Blue Barns Rd., Rustic Bridge, Bradt, Ashdown (from Route 146A to Blue Barns), Ballston Lake Road (from Schauber to district line), Main St. to Lakehill.

Leaf Bus

Leaves 7:50 picks up Wayto Ln, Waite Rd.

Pumpkin Bus

Leaves 7:57, picks up Forest Rd., Parkwood, Wendy, Fruitwood, Merchant, Wealthy, Garrison, Davids, Miller, Goode (from Jenkins to Marlyn), Beechwood, Marlyn, Laur-Lin-Dee, Woodside, Orchard, Goodman, Katherine.

Updated 8/6/2019