Districtwide Emergency Early Release Drill, Oct. 7

Districtwide Emergency Early Release Drill, Oct. 7

All schools in the district will release students 15 minutes early on Friday, October 7, 2016, for the annual drill to practice emergency dismissal procedures.

At each school’s respective dismissal time, all students who are taking the bus on Friday will board their regular bus. Transportation to daycare centers will also take place as usual at this time.

Students at the middle and high school level who normally walk home from school will be able to do so. High school students who drive to school will be able to drive home as usual on the day of the drill.

Middle and high school students remaining at the school for activities will proceed to an assigned area outside of the building to wait until the the drill is completed.

Drills are not intended to scare children, but rather to be sure everyone in the building is aware of procedures in the event of an emergency. Teachers will inform students of the drill ahead of time in an age-appropriate manner, particularly at the elementary school. At BH-BL, the safety of our students and staff, and preparedness is one of our main priorities.

Parents who have any questions about the drill should contact their child’s school.