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2019-20 Fall/Winter O’Rourke Observer

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Go Green!

By Cora R

Go Green! Make sure to go to Herr Van Gelder’s room to donate soda can tabs! Your donations are greatly appreciated! The Go Green club recycles plastic bottles and they help out the world a lot by recycling plastic and keeping trash out of the environment ! Thank you Go Green club!

He’s Back!

By: Morgan McK.

Did anyone notice that Mr. Adams was gone all last year? Well, he’s back and better than ever! He went on a year-long trip around the world with his entire family! He is so glad to be back and working at O’Rourke Middle school. He even said his favorite part about being back is seeing all of the people he missed so much. He has returned to teach sixth grade and is teaching math and E.L.A. We are so happy to have his smiling face within our hallways again! Welcome home, Mr. Adams!

Welcome Mrs. Nirsburger!

By Cora R.

Mrs. Nirsburger is a new teacher at our school. According to my interview with her, so far she’s loved it! She teaches seventh grade French and sixth grade World Language. Her favorite part of the school so far has been getting to know the students. This year, she is most looking forward to taking the eighth
graders to Montreal. Out of French and World Language, Mrs. Nirsburger enjoys World Language best because she not only gets to teach French but she also gets to teach Spanish and German. Make sure if you see Mrs. Nirsburger that you welcome her to our school!

Writer’s Words of Wisdom

By Zoe F. & Ethan R.

When writing a story some people want their character’s names to have deeper meaning. Here is a list of names for your new character. Have fun!

  1. Milada: Female name meaning “Gracious, Young”
  2.  Ace: Male name meaning “Unity”
  3. Brianna: Female name meaning “Strong, She ascends”
  4. Ethan: Male name meaning “Strong, firm, enduring, impetuous”
  5. Logan: Male name meaning “Small hollow”
  6. Zoe(y): Female name meaning “Life”
  7. Liam: Male name meaning “Strong willed warrior, Protector”
  8. Caleb: Male name meaning “”faithful, devotion, whole hearted, bold, brave”
  9. Hannah: Female, meaning “favour, grace”,
  10. Olivia: Female Name Meaning, “Olive tree”
  11. Alex: Neutral, meaning “Defender of men, protector of mankind”

This or That?

By: Elizabeth G.

Do you like debating your favorite concepts? Do you like having fun with friends? Do you like making new friends and working on a team? Then you should join the Debate Club! The club is run by an 8th grader named Adrian P. and is held in room 318, Ms. Wadsworth ́s room, every other Wednesday. You can check the schedule next to her door for the upcoming meeting

All are welcome to join anytime you want! You are not required to come to every meeting but I know you ́re going to have a good time. The club picks different concepts to debate and practice our critical thinking and arguing skills. There are different concepts that we tackle. For example, which animal makes the best pet? Cats or dogs. What do you think about whether doctors should be given the right to help their terminally ill patients leave this world with dignity? It’s your choice to debate for the side of the argument that you support! So come to room 318 and have some fun. Again, club meetings are every other Wednesday.

Mrs. Azotea Interview

By: Ava G

Mrs. Azotea is a new teacher to our school! She is from Saratoga and teaches 7th grade social studies. As a child, Mrs. Azotea wanted to be a preschool teacher and own a school of her own. When that didn’t work out, she devoted herself to teaching 7th grade social studies. As a child she loved to play outside and her favorite foods were, tacos, french fries, and a soft twist ice cream with rainbow sprinkles. Although she tried many sports as a child, she did not play any. Her favorite memory was her wedding day. Mrs. Azotea loves the school so far. She says that everyone is welcoming and kind, that the students are helpful and kind, and that everyone has open arms. We are so glad to have Mrs. Azotea joining the O’Rourke family this year!

Order Your Yearbook NOW!

By Cora R.

If you want to have a yearbook this year make sure you order your yearbook now! The longer you wait the higher the price gets! If you’re wondering where you go to order your yearbook go to www.jostensyearbooks.com. When you get there make sure to type O’Rourke Middle School and order your yearbook before it’s too late!

A yearbook is a wonderful way to remember the GREAT year that you had at O’rourke Middle School! What can I say about school? I laughed. I cried. It was fun.

Cover Your Cough

By: Ava G.

During this time of year, the common cold is going around. If you have it don’t pass it on. No one wants to get sick. If you have the common cold, here are some tips to keep it to yourself, how to get rid of it, or the best ways to avoid
getting it again.

  • If you have a fever, don’t go to school;
  • If you go to school cover your cough or sneeze;
  • Cough into your sleeve or elbow
  • Don’t cough on people;
  • Get lots of rest;
  • If you know someone who has a cold, wash your hands before you eat, or before you put your hands in or around your mouth;
  • Steer clear of getting too close to someone who is sick;
  • Wash your hands often and keep your hands away from your face

Reasons to cover your cough:

  • It stops the spread of germs;
  • It will stop you from spreading germs to other people or objects;
  • Others won’t get sick from your cough or sneeze.

May your winter be filled with good health and lots of Kleenex!


By: Morgan M.

Has anyone else heard that the Drama Club is performing The Lion King this year? I might only be in 6th grade but I do know that the middle school productions are always awesome. The informational meeting was held on Tuesday, October 8th and everyone who attended seemed pretty excited about this great opportunity to be a part of this wonderful show! Mr. Lombardi and Mrs. Derrick were there to tell us all about this once-in-a- lifetime experience that we could be involved in.

Spartan Run Club

By: Ava G.

Do you love to run? Do you want to run with friends after school? Well, if you are that person then come join the Spartan Run Club, which meets after school during Activity Period. You get to run around the halls with your friends and fellow classmates.

Want to join but are afraid it is too late? It is never too late to join. You can join whenever you want. Don’t want to miss a meeting? It’s okay, you can come back another day. So if you love to run with a friend after school, come to a Spartan Run Club meeting. We meet every Wednesday. It’s the best place to make new friends, laugh, and stay healthy!

Thanksgiving’s Coming Up!

By Cora R.

Thanksgiving time is here! When you think of Thanksgiving, normally you think of spending time with your family and eating a delicious meal! But, some people don’t have any delicious meals to eat. Fortunately, lots of people at O’Rourke Middle School donated to the school food drive. Thank you to everyone who did! But now that it is over what can you do to help out a little more this holiday season? You could donate to your local food drive all year round not just when we have to food drive at school. You can also donate other things to different stores and places. You could donate sweatshirts, shirts, socks, jackets, hats, gloves, and shoes. Make sure to donate so that you can make others’ lives more special! If we each do a little, we can make a BIG difference.