Food, photos, dedications needed by May 31 for 8th Grade Class Night

8th Grade Class Night

Friday, June 21st

  • Awards Ceremony at the High school at 6 p.m. (students need to arrive by 5:30 p.m. to line up)
  • Dance at the Middle School from 7-9:30 p.m.

Food Donations

The Class Night Event will be a fun and memorable evening celebrating the end of our students’ years at O’Rourke Middle School. The dance at the middle school will include food made possible by your donations. Please sign up online to make a food donation.

Dance Decorations

The Decoration Committee is asking for donations. Some items we are in need of are:  globes, maps, vintage luggage, benches, trunks, crates, travel-themed items.

If you have items to donate, please contact Jacquie Newman.

Montage Photo Request

Photos Needed By May 31, 2019

We are collecting photos to create the Photo Montage that will be played at the 8th Grade Class Night Event in June. Our goal is to have all 8th grade students appear at least once in the video. We are looking for photos that show how much fun they’ve had in their years at O’Rourke!  This might include pictures where they are busy with friends, playing sports, involved with clubs, scouts, field trips, concerts, birthday parties, dances, etc. Pictures should be from their middle school years only to show the students’ growth through Middle School.

Feel free to submit more than one photo, especially group photos of students. Please follow the directions below for submitting photos:

  • If you have printed photos, please send them to the PTA mailbox in the main office in an envelope with ATTN: CLASS NIGHT PHOTOS.
    Then send an email to with “TO BE SCANNED” in the subject line. This will alert us to get the photo from the mailbox and scan it for you.
  • If you have digital photos, please rename each file using the names of the students that appear in the picture (i.e. John Doe, Suzi Black and Jimmy Ford).  We have a class list and will be checking off each student as we receive pictures. We want to be sure that we have everyone included and naming the photos will help us out greatly.

Send your photos by May 31st to give us time to find photos for any missing students.

Dedications for the Class Night Program

How would you, parents, grandparents, siblings and friends, like to add a personal dedication for your 8th grader that will be placed in the Class Night ceremony program?  It’s easy and inexpensive! Complete dedication information online. The cost is $5.00 per message.

  • Dedications must be no longer than 100 characters – punctuation and spaces count as characters.  If longer than 100 maximum, we will shorten as necessary.
  • Dedications will be labeled with the student’s name, so it does not need to be part of your 100 characters.
  • Send in $5.00 per message, cash or check payable to OMS PTA. Place payment and form below in an envelope marked “OMS PTA 8th Grade Class Night.” We must be able to match the online dedication with the payment. (see form below)
  • Send payment to the main office no later than Friday, June 3rd.
  • If you have trouble completing the online form, send a typed dedication into school with payment.


  • JANE SMITH: We are so proud of you and can’t wait to see what you accomplish next! Love Mom, Dad, Kate & Evan (97 characters)
  • JOHN JONES: Congratulations! We are so proud of you! Love, Poppy and Grammy (58 characters)
  • MARY SIMMONS: High school already! You are a wonderful niece with a bright future ahead of you. Love Aunt Sarah (96 characters)

In addition to money raised by dedications, the Class Night Committee is also seeking donations to help offset the cost of the food being served at the dance.  Please use the form below to make a monetary contribution to help pay for purchased food such as pizza. Thank you!