Go Home Early Drill, Oct. 6

Letter to BH-BL Parents from Superintendent McGrath

This Friday, October 6, 2017 we will be dismissing our students 15 minutes early as part of the Capital Region BOCES annual “Go Home Early” drill. I am writing to inform you about this now because I know that some
parents may wish to make slightly different child care arrangements that day.

Student safety is a primary goal of the BH-BL school district. All districts in the state are required to practice various drills as part of their school safety plan. You already know that we hold a number of fire drills every year so that students and staff will know what to do and will respond automatically to exit the building quickly and quietly when the alarm bell sounds. Our schools also hold a lockdown/lockout drill once a year so that everyone will practice procedures to be used in case of a suspected hostile intruder.

The “go home early” drill allows students and staff to review what we would do if school needed to be closed unexpectedly during the day. Both students and staff will practice the procedures we would use in a real emergency.

If your child is usually bused home or bused to a care provider, you can expect him or her to arrive up to 15 minutes early on October 6th. Please inform your care provider of this. After the drill, students who attend the in-school Y-Care programs and those scheduled for interscholastic sports practices or games will be permitted to re-enter the school and go about their activities/child care as usual.

Questions can be addressed to your school principal. I am sorry this drill will inconvenience some parents, but I also want to take this opportunity to say how much the school district appreciates parents’ support and
cooperation with all of our efforts to ensure students’ safety.