HS Orientation Video for Grade 8 Parents

The Guidance Departments of the Burnt Hills-Ballston Lake Middle School and High School have created a virtual presentation for the annual High School Orientation for 8th Grade Parents. The purpose of this presentation is to acquaint parents (and students) with the course selection process, graduation requirements, and the block schedule that parents and students will need to be aware of when students become 9th graders.

Please view the presentation when it is convenient for you prior to the start of the scheduling process discussed below.

In the beginning of February, Mrs. Hyde (8th grade Counselor) will begin an orientation with the 8th graders as they will have their own presentation. This will be a slide show presentation during students’ lunch periods (for hybrid) as well as a virtual presentation for our CVL students. Please look for maroon
folders going home with your child at that time as it will include the Curriculum Guide as well as other helpful information. Please discuss the 9th grade electives with your child so they can begin thinking of their course selections.

Following in the beginning of March, Mrs. Hyde will visit your child’s classes (both hybrid and virtual) to assist them in selecting their 9th grade courses.

Finally, attached to your child’s third quarter report card in April you will receive a tentative 9th grade course selection list. Please sign the course selection list and return it to Mrs. Hyde no later than May 3. We must have your signature on the form before it can be processed at the High School. If you wish to discuss your child’s program at that time, feel free to call the Middle School Counseling Center to speak with Mrs. Hyde.