Letter From Principal Re: Chromebook Use at Home

Dear O’Rourke Parents,

This afternoon, our 6th and 7th grade students will be bringing their district-owned chromebooks and charging cord home after school. We are ensuring that in the event of any extended school closing, our students have access to all the necessary tools for learning. There will be continued updates from our Superintendent that will be made available on our district webpage, as well as SNN with regards to any change of school schedule.

We’re working today on getting power cords distributed and students ready with their chromebook bags to take home after school. Please make sure your child brings the Chromebook back to school on Tuesday, March 17.  Grade 8 students have already received brand new chromebooks. These are nice devices, and the kids are excited to have them. Please be advised that we do have a security filter on district-owned devices. Students using their BHBL.net accounts for their school work and communication with teachers and other students will be monitored through our network security. It’s always good practice, however, to check what your child is doing on any device. Using the BHBL computer at home is exactly the same as using it in school.

We know our students are excited to bring the devices home, but it is important that we all work together to make sure the computers are handled with responsibility. This document will provide you with more information about the Chromebook take-home program. We typically offer an inexpensive insurance program in case of accidental damage, however, during the current COVID-19 situation we are waiving the cost of the take-home insurance for 6th and 7th graders. The computers will be fully covered in case of accidental damage. Nonetheless, we are confident that our students will take good care of the Chromebooks, and we ask all parents to read the district’s Responsible Use of Technology. We are waiving the requirement for a parent signature for now as well.

If the district is closed for an extended period of time, we will provide resources and activities for students. The Chromebooks will help them access these resources. As this is an evolving situation, further guidance will be provided regarding how students can use the Chromebook to stay connected to school. We will stay in regular contact with you through email. Please remind your children to check their school email regularly.

If your child was not in school today, we will provide information on how the chromebook can be picked up in the event of an extended closing.

Please continue to check the district website as we navigate the COVID-19 situation.


Principal Colleen Kane Wolff