Indoor Masks Required for Staff, Students & Visitors

Per Governor Hochul’s mandate, all BH-BL staff, students and anyone visiting the school will be required to wear a face covering. Please send your children to school on Sept. 8 with a mask to be worn while indoors and while riding the school bus. If a child forgets a mask, he/she will be given a disposable mask to wear. There will be mask breaks throughout the day. Masks may be removed when eating, drinking or outside.

Students who are in band and play a woodwind instrument may also remove their mask while playing. Bell covers for certain instruments and social distancing to the greatest extent possible will also be implemented.

Additionally, all athletes who have been practicing indoors (since the start of the fall athletic season in late August)  have been wearing mask for practice and games. Spectators to indoor competitions must also wear a mask as outlined in the Level 4 protocols of the Layered Mitigation Plan.